December 15, 2013

Campfire Fishing - Marshmallows On The Fly

Yeah, I literally mean campfire fishing.

Firebuggz has evidently brought fishing to the fire pit.  I noticed these implements of fire-roasted fishing while purchasing far too many last minute "impulse" Christmas presents on the internet last night.  You know the kind of presents that YOU think are a great idea, but as your wife unwraps one after another she gives you that "what the hell were you thinking...I'm not going to call you a total a$$hole in front of the kids...but you should have went to Jared...oh and by the way, you're not getting 'lucky' anytime soon," kind of smile?

OK, no woman really wants their husband to go to Jared (I think), but you know what I mean.  It's when your response that, "But sweetie, it's a 7-speed sweater lint remover, so much better than our single speed one...awesome right?  I thought it would give us more time to spend with each other," doesn't...quite...cut it.

Well, if last night's shopping spree was any indication, K.C. is probably getting a bunch of those sort of presents this year.  While she rarely reads this blog, I'm not giving any hints to what Santa is leaving under the tree.  But it's not Firebuggz fishing poles, primarily (ok, only) because we don't have a fire pit.  But if you do...get on that, pronto.  You know you want them, and she'll love 'em, I swear.

Look Ma, no reel!  Hotdog tenkara.


  1. Thank you Mike, you've made my Christmas shopping a breeze this year.

    1. I do what I can to spread some holiday cheer. You can call me Santa...but you can't sit on my lap.

  2. Funny. I run a camp for kids and actually use these. Believe it or not, they are a lot safer than those two prong pitch fork type that are perfectly spaced to take out both eyes at the same time.