December 5, 2013

Bo Knows The St. Croix Legend X Fly Rod

This rod sort first started to be mentioned online during the summer fishing show circuit, but honestly back then I wasn't paying attention to fly fishing.  I was busy packing boxes and whining about leaving Pennsylvania.  Anyway, fast forward a few months, and I've got a fever, and the only cure is for more salt(water).  And since it's 11:18 PM at night as I'm typing this, the only way to get a fix is gear porn.  Hence the St. Croix Legend X fly rod ogling.

I will start by saying that I friggin' love the cosmetics on this thing.  All stealthed out in carbon matte & black, it's not your classic looking fly rod.  It's kind of got the look of the Oakland Raiders of fly rods...but not the current crop of Raiders...I'm talking the 1960s & 70s Raiders that are in all of the "old" NFL Films.  You know, "The Autumn Wind" Raiders.  Or hell, even the Tecmo Bowl Bo Jackson / NWA endorsed Los Angeles Raiders.  Nobody messed with either versions.

Interestingly enough, it also continues the trend of fly rods moving away from traditional cork grips to composite materials.  I reviewed the Redington Vapen Red on this blog earlier in the year, mentioned some tenkara rods moving in that direction, and even highlighted a Wright & McGill offering from a few years back.  While it might not sit well with traditionalists, so what, neither did the first pair of Air Jordans...

Anyway, I'd love to cast one of these, just to see if it tosses line as badass as it looks.  Appears it could be a killer rod for everything from salty redfish to big freshwater bass.  Not that I really catch many of either, but if I'm in Florida these days, I should probably look the part.  

Has anybody dared muster up the courage to cast one of these?  

What do you think of the aggressive "look"?

Should St. Croix send me a demo (ahem, 8-wt) for pimping it?

We all know the answer to the last question, but I'd love to hear your feedback on any of the above in the comments below.


  1. Oh, goodie; EVA foam is now a "premium" product option.

    1. That's "unyielding Xtreme skin" with EVA trim to you.

  2. Very nice looking rod. A little too heavy for what I do, but should be awesome in salt.

  3. Folks out my way often rave about St. Croix Fly Rods. Personally, have never cast one. This rod looks like it would do all of the above for you. Good luck with your Demo Idea.

  4. I do really like the look of that. I agree the stealthy theme is cool. I've been wanting something different for the cork for awhile. I've actually thought about using that Tennis Grip tape that you use for Tennis racquets to make the grip softer. I think that would work great over the corks. I've never tried it.

  5. That rod is very Ninja-like. If you get a demo rod I'm envisioning a photo shoot of you fishing dressed a ninja, and not Chris Farley as Beverly Hills Ninja. The fish would never see you coming.

  6. I saw a guy casting a rod with a composite grip at the LL last week. I thought it was odd and figured he bought it as Walmart or something. I'm keeping with cork. I can't see how the composite doesnt weigh down the rod more.

    As for St Croix, my first fly rod was a 5/6 Imperial which I still use and I also have an 8 weight Avid which has landed more than it's share of steelhead and salty critters. I love their rods.

    Now TFO...that's another story. I have another one I have to send back for snapping...