December 23, 2013

A Weekend In Apalachicola by Cohen Stone

Not everything here is always fly fishing.

Check out this video by Cohen Stone I scrounged off of Vimeo last night of what looks like it was a heck of a fun fishing trip.  Plus its short and makes for easy viewing.  Don't sleep on all of the sheepshead catching in the beginning, they're generally loved by women in bikinis and have a mouth full of weird hillbilly teeth.

woman bikini fishing sheepshead
Pics liberated from

That said, there are no women in bikinis in this video, so sorry for the tease...but there's a nice surprise catch at the end, so don't give up a minute in.  Makes me quite envious.

Probably an added bonus if you like Mumford & Sons too...

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  1. There's some big fish in that there ocean. Looks like they could use a good dentist.