December 1, 2013

1 of 750 - Greenbacks for the Greenback

This cause got a little bit of blogger buzz a little over 10 days ago, so instead of simply piling on I kept quiet and waited for the Thanksgiving holiday to pass.  Now that it has, I figured it's time to stoke the flame again on the the "1 of 750" project that the Greenbacks (a conservation centric group based in Colorado) are behind.

From their website:
There are about 750 pure, wild greenback cutthroat trout in the world, all living an extremely fragile existence in an unlikely place – Bear Creek, a small stream west of Colorado Springs, CO. Such a small population of mature fish put them at risk of poor genetic diversity, and the creek itself is at high risk of significant damage from erosion, wildfires, and human impacts like poor trails, motorized trails, rogue campsites, and unauthorized angling.
Bear Creek, and its greenback residents, is at high risk of elimination due to fire and erosion. We are raising funds for:
  • Restoring and maintaining the access road next to Bear Creek to prevent further erosion from entering the stream and damaging the habitat for its resident greenback cutthroats.
  • Proliferation of greenbacks through supporting stocking programs and the gear required for our volunteers to successfully pack fish into remote areas.
  • Seed money to leverage larger grants for in-stream restoration projects.

The best part?  You can support them online and get swag for doing so.  Now while cool gear from the likes of Vedavoo, fishpond, or Tenkara USA shouldn't be your primary motivation to support this worthwhile cause, it doesn't hurt either...

Check out the 1 of 750 website HERE, or better yet, the fundraising page hosted by Indiegogo HERE.
As of this post the Greenbacks are about $7,600 short of their $10,000 goal, so every bit counts.

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