November 29, 2013

Tenkara, and the Man Card

I mentioned this video on Facebook yesterday, but thought it was worth a mention on the Mothership.

Even if you don't care for tenkara, Ron has a way with words that you'll likely find amusing.  I did.  It's 11 minutes well spent.  Heck, you can watch it on your phone while you're standing in the checkout line grabbing up some sort of Mart's Black Friday deals.


If you enjoyed this, Ron wrote a guest post on this blog a little over a year ago.  Read it HERE.  You can also check out his blog A Tenkara Journey...


  1. Now I really enjoyed that. Thanks Mike!

  2. Good, really, compared to the usually juvenile angling tributes clogging our bandwidths. Nice use of Laurence Juber-esque acoustic tracks, slide cuts and underwater footage.
    Okay, the guys got a degree in English; the proof is in the palaver, as they say. But, I'll take his run-on compositiona over yet another noisome, pointless shred-metal soundtrack any day.
    For that alone, he had me at "tenkara."

  3. This is so good on many levels, Mike. Thanks for sharing!!