November 17, 2013

I've Had Enough of the "Salt Life"

No, not Florida, but those damn Salt Life stickers that are on the back of every freakin' truck, minivan, and SUV in the greater Jacksonville area.  I know they've probably spawned, and may very well be in your neck of the woods too (wherever that might be), but Jacksonville is literally ground zero for these's like stick figure family stickers x 10,000...

That said, it's a little bit humorous to see some of the spin-offs that some of the creative locals have come up with.

From the SEC fooball lovin', gator-centric Swamp Life...

To the beer-centric Malt Life...

To the intensely serious dog loving Lab Life...

To the somewhat unnerving Assault Life...

And I could go on and on, but won't...

There's even a local lifestyle brand / Salt Life competitor called Fish On! that is starting to show up on more and more rear windows...they supposedly make clothes, but I haven't seen too many people wearing them yet.

My wife (who once upon a time was a graphic designer) can't stand the typography, and says all she sees is FISH JNL.  Regardless, I do kinda dig the kayak tee they make.

So yeah, the sticker scene is pretty ridiculous here in NE Florida, and I blame those Salt Life bastards for it.

It must come to an end.

I mean who puts stickers in their car windows anyway...


  1. The most ironic thing about the "Salt Life" decals to me - is that few know it's a brand of sunglasses. :) LOL - I've seriously thought about making "River Life" or "Smokies Life" or "Mountain Life" decals, but for the sake of humanity I've not pulled the trigger on that. Also maybe because last time I had a "Great Idea" to sell something like that, I got stuck with 32 pairs of deceptively advertised not-so-awesome forceps.

  2. I'd give you a Feather Chucker decal if I had one that existed.

  3. Timing ripe for the 'Get-a - Life' sticker?

  4. Lately, I've seen one that says, "Lake Life - say NO to Salt!"
    This is apropos, as I live about five minutes from Carolina's Freshwater Coast, aka, Lake Murray.
    In years past, I also lived in Jacksonville, FL. I like it, because you can fish anywhere and catch fish.
    As for car stickers, well... I don't tell everyone what I'm into. I wish, like you, others felt the same way.

  5. Here's one for you Mike. Colorado High Life!

  6. Surprised that I haven't seen any "Salt Life" type stickers in Salt Lake City. I guess that we are only known for Salt City Candles... not for the lake itself... go figure.

  7. I used to have a bunch of stickers on my rig. Sigh.

  8. Time to get on board with "Wicked Catch". We're a new fishing brand based out of West Palm Beach, FL developing fishing sportswear for anglers everywhere ( Check us out and let me know what you think - Josh

  9. Agree. Would like to see a Mountain Life equivalent to these stickers. I HATE the beach. I love to go to the mountains for my vacations. Bet there are a lot like me!