October 25, 2013

Three Fishing Book Friday

I travel by plane a lot.  Well, not as often as many, but probably more than most.  I may very well be on a plane back to Philly for the weekend as you're reading this...

One of my favorite things to do while flying, especially if the plane doesn't have wifi, is read a fishing-related book.  Coincidentally, three folks have contacted me somewhat recently about mentioning their books on the blog.  Seems like as fitting a time as any.  So if you enjoy reading things other than blogs and Facebook posts, you may want to check these 3 books out.  While I haven't read any of them yet, I'm more than intrigued...

Sunlit Riffles and Shadowed Runs, by Kent Cowgill

It's a book of short stories about fly fishing in America.  I personally prefer short stories to longer reads, one of my favorite fishing books was also full of short stories, so I'm looking forward to getting my hands on this at some point.

Jack's Drift, by J Wilfred Cahill

 Summarized as a 50 year fishing trip you can take from the comfort of your chair, the locations - Florida, Alaska, Vermont, California, etc, etc... in the book alone make it sound like a worthwhile read.

Subsurface Fly Fishing for Trophy Trout, by Zach Lazzari

This book is from "friend of the blog" Zach, who has written a guest post here in the past.  He was actually kind enough to send me an e-copy of the book back in January, and honestly, there's so much info inside, I still haven't been able to finish 100%.  What kind of friend am I, right?

The title pretty much describes the contents, which cover flies like nymphs and streamers, tackle choice and preparation, how to read the water, technique, you name it...  So if you live where big browns roam, Zach knows his stuff, and you will too after taking a look at this book.

I was not compensated in any way (other than the free e-copy of Zach's book) to write this post.  Just know that I post this stuff on my blog because I like to support others in their fishing ventures, and find a blog post a bit more personal than a Facebook "Share" or Twitter tweet.  It's also good karma.


  1. Thanks, Mike. I really prefer books with short stories too them, also. Looks like good reading here for some cold winter days coming up.

  2. Thanks Mike, I've been looking to expand my library.