October 4, 2013

Tenkara Rod Displays? In An Unlikely Place

A while back I wrote a post about using a billiards cue rack to store your tenkara rods.  It was a pretty popular post at the time...and I know a lot of people headed to Walmart in search of $9 billiards racks, I've seen the pictures...

Anyway...a friend...he shall remain nameless (unless he identifies himself in the comments below), showed up in my Facebook news feed last night as a person who likes High Spirits Flutes (a company that happened to be spamming me with a Sponsored post).  I was drawn to the rainbow colored light like a moth in the night - and couldn't help but click the "interesting" picture advertising this month's Flute Talk.  (You win High Spirits!)  Here's the video, BTW...

I of course clicked on it, not because I have a passion for flutes, but because I thought it might be quirky, in a Bob Ross kind of way.  Well, slightly disappointed by the lack of happy little trees, but still on the High Spirits website, I stumbled upon the flute stands they offer.  

Not as inexpensive as the billiard cue rack, but might be something worth looking at if you're seeking an alternate or "display" type storage for your tenkara rods.  I mean look at the freakin' antlers...hell yeah!  Kinda reminds me of this tube display Jason highlighted on Tenkara Talk a little while ago...just less shaggy...  Eh, food for thought.

Oh, and I won't even mention the potentially more interesting sleeves and cases also offered...


  1. Very nice. A few of my small stream rods would look good on them.

  2. Whoa, nice find Mike! I knew flutes were good for something. Tenkara rod stands! I really like the antler one.

  3. Good work, Mike, and thanks for sharing your discovery. Now, if I only fished with a Tenkara rod!

  4. Nice post Mike. I'm seeing not just a tenkara rod holder, but actually any type of rod holder. Beautiful.

  5. Worthy of any tenkara rod a classy enough to hang in the man cave!