October 18, 2013

Fishing Fun with Elf Outfitters

My wife is crafty.  That's probably an understatement.  She's the type of person that will paint, sew, sticker, hot glue, pretty much anything to anything and make it look awesome.  She just has that knack.

If you've been around this blog a while, you've probably seen me make a reference here or there to her business.  It'ts actually got it's own tab at the top of this page.  It's one she started when Lilly was a baby, and has grown in many different directions the last few years.  This year, I think her business is going to blow up.


Do you know what an "Elf on the Shelf" is?  If not, I guess you don't have kids, so take a few seconds to scan this really quick to get the idea.  It's a concept that's wildly popular with children and parents alike around the holidays.  Last year her and a friend kind of soft launched a line of accessories for said elves called Elf Outfitters.  They sold a few, learned some lessons and are going after it in a big way this year.  Oh, so what does that have to do with fishing?

Well if an Elf visits your house, you can now get them one of these.  Not a tenkara rod, but some definitely (candy) cane pole fishing going on here.  No dapping though.

You can even download this free fishing word search to exercise your kids' minds and get them off the cellphone or tablet for a good 15 minutes...or do it yourself.  I know you want to...

Heck, there's more besides fishing.  Superhero costumes, PJs, picnic sets, luau kits, lots of fun stuff.  Even if you don't celebrate Christmas, she's got you & your family elf covered...

So consider this my early ad for Elf Outfitters.  You'll probably hear more about them elsewhere as the holidays get closer.  Just store this in the back of your head for gift giving season, and maybe Like their Facebook page while you're at it.  You & your elf will thank me later.


  1. Let's not forget Elf Bowling. If you want the link, email me.

  2. Right on...I've got two little guys who would love that, I'll follow your links and check it out more!


  3. That is a good idea. I can see it doing well.