October 14, 2013

Best Way To Fix A Cork Fishing Rod Grip? - Part 2

Just following up on last Monday's post about fixing the pitted cork on my TFO Mangrove rod...

First off, thanks for all of the suggestions.  Between the comments in the original post, and Google+, (where I'm surprisingly finding much more actual interaction on blog posts than Facebook these days), I received a ton of good feedback.

I ended up purchasing something called "Rod Dancer Pit Paste" from J. Stockard rather than mix my own from cork shavings and glue.  It was recommended by a reader via email, and to be honest, when I went to the garage, the wood glue evidently didn't make it to Florida in my recent move.  Realizing I still had a coupon code from J. Stockard from when I bought some thread, I got the 2 oz. jar of paste delivered to my door for less than $3.

How did it work?



After a good sanding, it feels really nice in hand now.
Guess we'll see how well it holds up after some use and dunks in the water.

Figured I'd toss that out there just in case there is interest.
Super easy, took 5 minutes to apply, a half hour to dry, and maybe 10 minutes to sand down (I put it on liberally).  If I can do it, anyone can.


  1. All I can say is, that product is the botox for split cork! Lol. Great job... but, how in the world did it crack that badly in the first place?