October 13, 2013

2013 Bass Pro Shops Christmas Catalog

With Halloween only a few weeks away, let's bypass that holiday of candy and go straight toward the one of gift getting giving.  I noticed the 2013 Bass Pro Shops Christmas Catalog in the mail either on Thursday or Friday of last week.  I really didn't page through it until last night...and OMFG!!!

Yes, that's an Uncle Si action figure complete with tea cup and of course, a fan boat!  We'll just ignore the "for kids" part of the product title.

Maybe if I've been really good, Santa will get the elves going on overdrive and make this complete set happen...

That's right, Willie, Phil, Si, and Jase with a monster truck, a jon boat, and assorted other trinkets, like frogs and squirrels.  Poor Jep got the shaft, but I can probably snag an extra Jase figure and just pretend it's Jep.  That would make me happy happy happy.

One might say the Roberston clan has gone overboard with the Duck Dynasty/Duck Commander licensing, but Miss Kay's grandbabies have to pay for college somehow...and if I could cash in on 15 minutes of reality TV fame like this, black & white T!s would be on everything...

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