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When It's OK To Admit Your Fishing Trip Wasn't EPIC

Back in Pennsylvania, back in the cool weather, back at home.

I own a house in Jacksonville, but I still haven't adjusted to the "904" enough yet to call it home.  Don't get me wrong, I'm enjoying exploring my new surroundings and doing my best to embrace all that they have to offer, but my heart is still in Philadelphia.

Heck, when I was introduced to new people on a business trip to New York City earlier in the week, when asked where I was from, I immediately responded "Philadelphia," not Jacksonville.  It's just the way it's going to be for a while.
So back at home for a long weekend, I had to take the opportunity to go fishing at least one day.  
Doing the hotel & rental car thing, my wife dropped me off at the creek in the AM and took the car to run some errands and meet up with some girlfriends.  She was going to be scarce all day, so I was pretty much left alone to be a vagrant trout bum.  Although I don't look overly excited he…

Three Fishing Book Friday

I travel by plane a lot.  Well, not as often as many, but probably more than most.  I may very well be on a plane back to Philly for the weekend as you're reading this...

One of my favorite things to do while flying, especially if the plane doesn't have wifi, is read a fishing-related book.  Coincidentally, three folks have contacted me somewhat recently about mentioning their books on the blog.  Seems like as fitting a time as any.  So if you enjoy reading things other than blogs and Facebook posts, you may want to check these 3 books out.  While I haven't read any of them yet, I'm more than intrigued...

Sunlit Riffles and Shadowed Runs, by Kent Cowgill

It's a book of short stories about fly fishing in America.  I personally prefer short stories to longer reads, one of my favorite fishing books was also full of short stories, so I'm looking forward to getting my hands on this at some point.

Jack's Drift, by J Wilfred Cahill

 Summarized as a 50 year fishing t…

Kayak Fishing Gear Guide by

I fished a little bit this weekend, but not enough to muster a real post about the outing.  I'm currently testing the Try 360 6:4 tenkara rod from Tenkara Times.  First impressions are surprisingly good, but that will be a post of its own later.

Today, I thought I'd toss this infographic provided by the folks at Austin Canoe & Kayak.  I'll admit it, when I purchased my Native Slayer, I didn't go local, I went internet.  I know, I'm going to Hell.  The folks at Austin Kayak made it difficult not to, great prices, excellent shopping tools, complete fishing packages, free shipping to my door, no sales tax, and what I've found to really be a best of breed e-commerce experience.  As someone who makes their living in e-commerce, I know that it's not easy to arrange delivery of an oversized item via truck line to a customer's door, but these guys know how to service that customer's needs and do it very, very well.

Anyway, and I'm not sure if was co…

Fishing Fun with Elf Outfitters

My wife is crafty.  That's probably an understatement.  She's the type of person that will paint, sew, sticker, hot glue, pretty much anything to anything and make it look awesome.  She just has that knack.

If you've been around this blog a while, you've probably seen me make a reference here or there to her business.  It'ts actually got it's own tab at the top of this page.  It's one she started when Lilly was a baby, and has grown in many different directions the last few years.  This year, I think her business is going to blow up.

Do you know what an "Elf on the Shelf" is?  If not, I guess you don't have kids, so take a few seconds to scan this really quick to get the idea.  It's a concept that's wildly popular with children and parents alike around the holidays.  Last year her and a friend kind of soft launched a line of accessories for said elves called Elf Outfitters.  They sold a few, learned some lessons and are going after it…

Best Way To Fix A Cork Fishing Rod Grip? - Part 2

Just following up on last Monday's post about fixing the pitted cork on my TFO Mangrove rod...

First off, thanks for all of the suggestions.  Between the comments in the original post, and Google+, (where I'm surprisingly finding much more actual interaction on blog posts than Facebook these days), I received a ton of good feedback.

I ended up purchasing something called "Rod Dancer Pit Paste" from J. Stockard rather than mix my own from cork shavings and glue.  It was recommended by a reader via email, and to be honest, when I went to the garage, the wood glue evidently didn't make it to Florida in my recent move.  Realizing I still had a coupon code from J. Stockard from when I bought some thread, I got the 2 oz. jar of paste delivered to my door for less than $3.

How did it work?



After a good sanding, it feels really nice in hand now.
Guess we'll see how well it holds up after some use and dunks in the water.

Figured I'd toss that out …

2013 Bass Pro Shops Christmas Catalog

With Halloween only a few weeks away, let's bypass that holiday of candy and go straight toward the one of gift getting giving.  I noticed the 2013 Bass Pro Shops Christmas Catalog in the mail either on Thursday or Friday of last week.  I really didn't page through it until last night...and OMFG!!!

At $14.99, this is a freakin' bargain!

Yes, that's an Uncle Si action figure complete with tea cup and of course, a fan boat!  We'll just ignore the "for kids" part of the product title.
Maybe if I've been really good, Santa will get the elves going on overdrive and make this complete set happen...

That's right, Willie, Phil, Si, and Jase with a monster truck, a jon boat, and assorted other trinkets, like frogs and squirrels.  Poor Jep got the shaft, but I can probably snag an extra Jase figure and just pretend it's Jep.  That would make me happy happy happy.
One might say the Roberston clan has gone overboard with the Duck Dynasty/Duck Commander li…

SUP? Yes, Please!

When I was researching fishing kayaks, I also spent quite a bit of time also reviewing stand up paddleboards (SUPs).  They're very popular right now, and many are made with fishing-specific features.

I found three common themes in doing this extensive research - relative portability, the need for a special paddle, & that bikinis are standard equipment...

I haven't quite made up my mind yet if I want to get I suppose I'll put in more time to do additional research.  I'll keep you all abreast of my findings.  Happy Friday....

Best Way To Fix A Cork Fishing Rod Grip?

I've been spending a little bit of time with my 8-wt TFO Mangrove Series rod lately.  The rod itself is great, it's not a saltwater broomstick and loads well with just enough feedback to let me know what's going on in the backcast.  From that standpoint, it's got a lot going for it.

But the cork grip...I'm not too happy with it.  To be blunt, it's kinda cheap and there are far too many deep pits and gaps in the cork to make it comfortable in hand.  I tried to look past it at first, but the more I use it, the more noticeable it's getting...some being exactly where my fingers rest on the rod.  It's like they forgot to use any filler at all.  The brand new rod "only" ran me $250, so I'm not expecting perfection, but I have $50 fishing rods that are better.

So, I went on (where else) YouTube to find a video on how to fix this.  I had an idea, but I'm not a rodbuilder so I needed some sort of validation.  This is what I found, courtesy of

Guana Lake - My First Real Kayak Fly Fishing Outing

With the weather finally behaving, I was able to take the kayak out yesterday to Guana Lake.  Also known as Lake Ponte Vedra, Guana Lake is part of the Guana Tolomato Matanzas National Estuarine Research Reserve - which is a lot of words, right?!

Anyway...despite a fairly consistent breeze that was pushing me around a little bit, it was a pretty nice day out on the water.  I didn't really catch much, but I did learn some more things about handling my kayak, figuring out the most efficient layout for stuff in and on the boat, and just casting my 8-weight from a paddling/seated position.

Not to say that I was skunked...but I do probably need to get a pair of those grip thingies to deal with toothy critters...

Guess I can keep the blog's name Troutrageous! for the time being...

I also "caught" a crab, or maybe the crab caught my fly.  Either way I flung it off the side rather than do a grip & grin.  I like my fingers.

Windburned and sunburned, I had to call it quits…

Tenkara Rod Displays? In An Unlikely Place

A while back I wrote a post about using a billiards cue rack to store your tenkara rods.  It was a pretty popular post at the time...and I know a lot of people headed to Walmart in search of $9 billiards racks, I've seen the pictures...
Anyway...a friend...he shall remain nameless (unless he identifies himself in the comments below), showed up in my Facebook news feed last night as a person who likes High Spirits Flutes (a company that happened to be spamming me with a Sponsored post).  I was drawn to the rainbow colored light like a moth in the night - and couldn't help but click the "interesting" picture advertising this month's Flute Talk.  (You win High Spirits!)  Here's the video, BTW...

I of course clicked on it, not because I have a passion for flutes, but because I thought it might be quirky, in a Bob Ross kind of way.  Well, slightly disappointed by the lack of happy little trees, but still on the High Spirits website, I stumbled upon the flute stand…

The "Florida At Large" Chapter of Trout Unlimited

I've been a Trout Unlimited member for a few years now, probably 3 or 4.  Back when I lived in the Philadelphia area, geography assigned me to the Perkiomen Valley chapter.  Honestly, I never attended a meeting, as I was also involved with the more-local (but not TU affiliated) Stony Creek Anglers, and the PVTU meeting place really wasn't all that close to where I lived.  There were other chapters that were probably equidistant by car; Valley Forge or Delco Manning come to mind.  Perkiomen was just closest by how the crow flies.

When I moved from Pennsylvania to Florida, my membership to Trout Unlimited came with me.  I still receive my seasonal issues of Trout Magazine, which helps to reconnect me to the coldwater pursuits I enjoyed so much. Oh, and of course, all of the messages wanting me to become a Lifetime Member still find their way to my physical & electronic mailboxes.

The problem...I'm currently a member of the Florida "At Large" Chapter, which is…

The Obligatory Gov't Shutdown Post w/ WWF Wrestling

There was a post here about some of my frustrations about the Government shutdown, but I took it down this morning.  It wasn't overly political, but while it felt good about hitting "publish" on a sleep deprived whim last night, this morning just didn't feel right.

Sparing you the long read, the theme was basically to stop fretting about closed National Parks and get informed on current events.  Ignorance is not bliss and our next election is very important, don't be passive, and don't vote down party lines if it's not the best person for the job.  But you don't really care what I think on this issue, I'll save my opinions for Facebook.  :)

You read this blog because it is about fishing, pop culture, or if you're family, Lilly.  I've always wanted it to be an escape from the nonsense.  However, since it is referenced in the title, I'm going to leave the WWF YouTube video that was embedded in the original post up.  Regardless of party…