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Breaking In the Tenkara Rod Co. Sawtooth Rod

Yesterday was a little bit of a fishing boondoggle.  It was raining in the early morning, so I shelved the idea of taking the kayak out...then around 10AM the sun came out, but it was ridiculously windy and the surf was rather than tossing flies in the salt, I opted to stay close to home and try out the new tenkara rod that showed up at the house last week, the Sawtooth from Tenkara Rod Co.  Not how I had planned to spend my Sunday morning, but whatever...I had a new rod screaming to be fished.

Just a quick overview of the rod (this isn't a product review, Tom Davis has that market cornered)...but here are some things of note.  First off, it's good looking.  They slapped a nice paint job on this rod and went with gold accents as opposed to silver.  Makes it look very different than what's out there in the marketplace.

I also noticed the lillian is attached with a swivel, if you're into that sort of thing.  Nice touch.  But points off for not having the litt…

Tying Crab Flies

You know, being from Philly, I almost titled this "Crab Fries"...but I was reluctant to because then I'd just start obsessing about Chickie's & Pete's.  Guess I'm obsessing anyway...

The real reason for this post was that now that I'm salty, or at least brackish, in my fly fishing pursuits, I figure I need to put some thought into tying saltwater flies.  My tying materials are definitely geared toward tiny little trout flies, so I'm kinda lost right now.  I can tie a Clouser minnow, but that's about it.

I was paging through the September/October issue of American Angler (you know, the same issue TFM's Cam Mortenson is in...), and I read a great article about Captain Gary Taylor, one of the world's top redfish fly fishing guides.  He suggests a couple of "go-to" flies in the article, and while I'm not going to give them all away here, one of them is a Merkin fly, or a crab imitation named after a pubic wig.  Not a new reve…

Exploring Florida - Bartram Canoe Trail on Durbin Creek

As noted in the previous post, I finally stopped procrastinating and went out and bought a kayak (Native Watercraft Slayer 12).  I ordered it online and it arrived last week, so I (with the assistance of my wife - she's much better at comprehending instructions) spent Saturday afternoon installing the roof rack and setting up the kayak to prepare it to go for a paddle.

Unfortunately, Sunday was calling for thunderstorms in the early afternoon, so I ditched my plans to take it out for an extended maiden voyage in the marshes north or south of town (I hadn't picked which one), rather opting for something much more convenient & closer to home.

A little bit down the road from where I live there are signs for the Bartram Canoe Trail.  Evidently back in the day (1770s) William Bartram, a naturalist and explorer from Philadelphia (ironic?) did a tour of the Southeast and pretty much discovered and documented many of the plants and animals of the area.  

There's a high school…

Anchors Aweigh?

It's here... I just need a YETI to store the sweet tea on its maiden voyage.

Tenkara Tuesday - Sherpa Flies

Welcome to Tenkara Tuesday.

Recently, I unintentionally stumbled upon an e-tailer called Sherpa Flies.  See, I got some random newsletter email from them entitled "Test," and like a sucker opened it up.  It was possibly unsolicited, but considering all the online contests I've entered and/or things I've signed up for, who knows.

Anyway upon opening, it was an email from Sherpa Flies advertising their fancy new website...which in addition to all kinds of "traditional" flies, I also noticed that they offered tenkara flies (kebari).  While I enjoy tying my own kebari, there was just something about the look of these flies that intrigued me...besides the insanely inexpensive price of $5.50/dozen.

Now their website is pretty nice to look at, but it was pretty unclear how much it would cost to ship these flies to me in Florida.  I mean the address in the "Contact Us" section is in Nepal.  Who wants to go through the process of placing an order to later…

Scenes From The Beach

We'll work on including fish pictures the next time...


Remember that post I wrote yesterday about wanting to feel the cool again...wanting the water to interact while fishing?

Mother nature provided both of it today, by the bucketful...and although it soaked me thoroughly from head to toe and may have zapped the camera on my cellphone...I can't complain one bit.

It was a brief fishing outing, a 20 minute bike ride, an extremely small fish right off the bat, and then five minutes later the skies opened up with torrential rain.

Florida is silly that way, weather 180s all the time, but the bike ride back home in the pouring rain felt amazingly refreshing.  It may sound odd, but I'd do it again in a heartbeat.

A Coldwater Fly Fisherman's Labor Day Lament

This long Labor Day weekend's been tough.

I'll be blunt, I'm homesick.  I live in Florida now, but it's not my home.  I may be here in body, but I haven't arrived yet in soul.

I miss my friends.  As high school became college, college became work, and work became a life of toil, my inner circles may have changed over time, but there was always somebody close by.  Even more were probably (yet unfortunately) taken for granted.  My relatively recent passion for fishing created many additional opportunities to wet a line, share some laughs, and knock back some beers with other like-minded people;  it's a shame they were short lived from the standpoint of proximity.

Don't get me wrong.  I like my new house and we moved down here because it was what was best for the family.  What's not to like about 5 bedrooms, a gourmet kitchen, and a 3 car garage?  Who can complain about a slightly larger salary with a significantly less cost of living.  Our community is qu…