Uh Oh, The Man Is On To Me...

I believe after yesterday, I've hit up all of the neighborhood ponds easily accessible by bicycle...either by already fishing them at least once, or by having them shut down via postings like this that popped up at some point this week...

I got a fever...and the only prescription...

Yeah, that sign wasn't there last weekend...  Fear not Fever Hammock Hunt Club, I get the message, and understand, considering I saw two wild turkeys strutting around the edge of the pine trees this morning.

In the non-posted spots, I did catch some fish again...pictures look a lot like last week's, but I'll post 'em anyway.  Started with Tenkara with the Ayu II...

...finished the day tossing some streamers.

BTW, this fishing shirt is my favorite.  Look for a post later in the week on that...


  1. That just means it's time to expand your fishing horizons. :) That's actually kinda funny and I'm sure just a coincidence - although hey - you know your blog is pretty well read, so.... who knows? I like that shirt, too - matches the sky, too. The redfish and tarpon will never know what hit 'em. I think before this summer is over, you need to go south and do a Peacock Bass exploratory trip. I want to catch one of those things someday but for now I could easily live out that fantasy through you. :)

    1. No doubt. It's just a coincidence. August 3rd was the beginning of archery season for deer & turkey...I'm sure that's why those signs popped up.

      The coincidence is that I'm headed to South Florida next week. Going to visit the inlaws in Boca Raton for a few days and then keep on going down to Islamorada for some R&R. Maybe I'll bring a fishing rod along...

  2. I wonder if they need a treasurer...

  3. Just like some club to screw up your fun, just when you're getting started. I'm sure you'll find other places.

  4. Make friends with the local law enforcement. Then when they say they're calling the police tell them to ask for so and so.


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