August 18, 2013

TFO Mangrove Series Fly Rod Video

Found this video on YouTube last night.  It's of the rod I picked up a few weeks ago to do my salty bidding.  After playing around for it about a month in both fresh & saltwater, I have to say that I'm really starting to like it.

My take - it's fast, but a bit soft at the tip.  Took a while to get down the casting stroke to make it go, but I've found it good for close to mid distance casting...tosses 35-40 feet of line like a champ.  Need to lighten up the fly selection (or at least I do) to push beyond those distances accurately.

The only thing I don't love is the cork handle.  Think they went a little cheap here...there's a lot of filler and where said filler happens to placed on my particular rod is just awkward and a bit uncomfortable when I grip it.  Nothing I can't fix myself, plus it's not an $800 rod so I'm not going to complain.

That said, glad I watched the video.  Learned a little more about my rod including the covert hook-keeper...who knew?


  1. I have two TFO's in my collection... I love the way they cast. But, I must agree that the handle and reel seat could have been upgraded at a minimal cost. Hope you have many catches with it!

  2. Hey Mike. I'm a little late getting to your posts, but I have an excuse (see tomorrows post). You guys are having such a great time in Florida and I'm soooo jealous. Can't tell you how much I miss fishing down there.