(Relatively) Inexpensive Performance Fishing Shirts

A few weeks ago on Facebook, I put out a question asking for suggestions on lightweight, long sleeved fishing shirts.   Not the kind with buttons and pockets, but more so a moisture wicking performance fabric shirt...a loose-fit "Under Armour" style shirt if you will...

Well I got a TON of suggestions (check 'em out when you get the chance, as well as TFM's post with a great overview of the product category), more than I could possibly ever purchase.  So thanks everyone who participated there, it was a huge help in getting pointed in the right direction.  That said I did buy a few different shirts, simply to sample what's out there.

In recent posts you may have noticed that I'm fond a of certain light blue shirt.  I actually wore it the last two weekends.  That shirt retails for $35.  It's a great shirt, fits well (even over my belly), keeps me cool, and features UPF +50 protection, that keeps the sun's nasties away.

Anyway, while that shirt has fly fishing graphics printed on it from the re-seller, it also still had the neck label attached of who made the (blank) shirt itself.  You know...you've probably received or purchased t-shirts from work, events, etc...that were printed on plain shirts made by Hanes or Gildan...same concept here.  This performance tee is made by a company called Vapor Apparel.  Vapor actually makes a bunch of different blank "performance" garments, ready to be purchased and intended for aftermarket decoration, especially sublimation

With the power of the internet, I happened to find a source of these blank shirts that sells them individually (you don't have to by 6 or 12 or 24 at a time) for under $10 each.  That's right.  A long sleeved performance tee with UPF +50 sun protection...for under 10 bucks.  Sure, shipping and handling adds another couple bucks to each tee...but to get the shirts for under $13 total, that's a bargain to me.  And being the kind of person who hates clothes shopping and when he finds something he likes, just goes and buys all the colors...I bought 3 more to add to the stockpile.

Anyway, my purpose of this post is not to dissuade you from purchasing shirts with logos on them...in most cases the graphics on these shirts are way cool and I'm so glad I have the $35 shirt.  Actually, one of the other branded shirts I picked up for $45 might even be better than these.  But you know... $13 vs. $45...  

The purpose also isn't to send you to a specific re-seller - you might also notice that I didn't mention the company I found that sells the blank shirts a la carte.  I don't want to get them in trouble if they're really not supposed to be doing so.  

I guess the point was that if you're looking for a nice performance fishing shirt for a really low price, they're out there.  You just need to do a little digging...or just email me HERE, and I'll give you the scoop.


  1. Michael
    As a budget minded retiree, I have to go with the cheapest but yet the most practical which is the button and pocket style in the Megellan brand shirts at Academy Sports.
    thanks for sharing

    1. Looks like another great option for the button downs Bill!

  2. I too am addicted to fishing shirts. I appreciate the information and will be looking up Vapor Apparel stuff. Seems much cheaper than the Columbia stuff I have been buying for years. P.S. Love the blog, first time visitor, and will be linking you up on my own "The Rogue Outdoors" http://atlasfishing.blogspot.com and checking back often. Take care.

    1. Welcome Atlas, and thanks for the compliment. I'll head over and check out your blog as well!

  3. Dear Atlas, run. Don't look back. Don't stop running. This blog will suck you in like no other. You'll be making repeated trips back here when you need a laugh. It will get addictive. :)
    I'll email you for the link, Trage. Also, I think we are now going to the Kayak fishing boondoggle thing so a good sun shirt would be needed there - and it might mean the oct. smokies trip will be late October. ? Thanks for all the work you did on researching this stuff - thanks to TFM and everyone else, too.

    1. Owl, you crack me up. Love that you're going to the Boondoggle BTW.


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