Talkin' smack on Florida...that was the mistake I made on Saturday night.  Clearly created some bad karma for Sunday.

An innocent comment, not so much negative about Florida, just that I missed the cool of a trout stream.  See, down here in the summertime, when you dip a toe in the water while fishing, it's warm...like bathwater, or worse.  Not so refreshing.  But I digress...

So Sunday was pretty much a debacle.  Actually, it wasn't that bad, but if you're familiar with the term & the jokes around "first world problems"...I was probably having far too many "fish world problems."

Anyway...I rolled out of bed around 7AM and headed toward the area northeast of town that's got beaches, marshes, all that jazz.  Figured I'd try to throw around some flies for a little bit...low tide had passed about two hours before I got there at 8, so I was eager to see if in another 3 or 4 hours the high tide would bring anything into the shallows.

I started at the beach, and the wind was blowing like an absolute bastard from North to South...which was basically right back in my face.  I tried punching a few casts into the wind, but this was clearly going to be an exercise in futility, so I quickly packed it in, relocating to another beachy/marshy area where I'd be able to cast with the wind at my back.  Casting into the wind is something I need to practice...I never really had to worry much about it back in PA with all of the tree cover.

Some dude blowing down the beach...
(I didn't take this picture, but let's call it an accurate representation)

Hmmm...I was probably there an hour.  Tried the beach thing for a bit without much luck (wasn't expecting much) before I retreated back down one of the creeks along the tall grass.  You could tell it was pretty fishy, or looked that way to me.  There was definitely a lot of activity with ripples and swirls in the areas of slack water.

Then I saw something moving from left to right on the far bank, unfortunately behind me, so into the wind.  I don't know what it was, as it was just below the surface but leaving a nice sized v-shaped wake up top, so I started casting to it.  Trying to get my cast to go the right distance into the wind, the first cast came up a little short and the second was never made.  It got snagged in the tall grass on the backcast, and when I brought the rod forward to sling the little weighted crab fly...

Yup, you got it.  Broke my rod tip.
Here's a re-creation of the festivities...

MS Paint y'all!

Without a backup rod in the car, I left the marsh sulking.
Especially considering it was what I'd chalk up to user error.


See what I mean...? #FISHWORLDPROBLEMS

Side note:
On the drive home I tried Southern Boiled P-Nuts for the first time...
Owl Jones told me once they weren't authentic if they weren't spelled with the dash...

I'm sure Steve boils a mean p-nut, but I'm just not feeling it.
They taste like beans or something.
Hey southern readers, what am I missing here...?


  1. Sounds like you tasted a raw p-nut. Spent a few years in Mr Peanut country in Suffolk, VA. I found some smoked peanuts at WalMart - tasty!

    I got to say, they sure don't make rods like they used to, I've broken a few myself.

    For wind, I recommend Wyoming.

    1. I've done Wyoming once. Beautiful country. Didn't encounter the wind, only rain.

  2. "Yup, you got it. Broke my rod tip." God, I hate when that happens.

  3. First, let me say I love the drawing. Been missing those. As for the rod tip - that's a bummer - esp. without a backup. :(

    Now on to what's important about this post - the P-nuts. If they "tasted like beans" they were probably boiled way too long before you got them. They shouldn't be soggy or mushy. They should be firm, but not crunchy and above all they have to be moderately to extremely salty. I can't believe we didn't stop at Jamor Farms and get some ....hey wait a minute.... didn't we? Did you just not eat them? Did we not stop? At any rate, p-nuts that taste like beans = never buy 'em there again. They should not taste like beans. :) LOL - but they don't taste like dried nuts from the ballpark either, mind you. :) Cracklins next? :)

    1. They were a touch mushy. Not like mashed potatoes or anything. We didn't get p-nuts, only Chic-fil-a & Wendys. Must have been Emily. I already like Cracklins!

    2. Owl...We did stop at Jaymor and buy a dzn of fried pies! Yummm. Boiled p-nuts... nope... not feeling fuzzy on those. But, pies...yes!

  4. Sorry, I didn't read that first comment - yes, a raw peanut would also taste like a bean, a very pasty, somewhat crunchy bean. I'm still betting it was boiled to death. Were there lots of folks buying p-nuts there? Did he have a full pot? Did he say anything like "THANK GOD YOU FOLKS STOPPED!" :) lol

    1. He had a line, so I guessed he knew what he was doing. I don't think it was him, I think it was my Yankee palate.

  5. I never tried boiled Peanuts. It just sounds gross to me. I'm not a huge fan of those or sweet potato fries. Sorry about your rod tip. You'll be back in action soon. That's nive Vedavoo pack. I might consider the sling pack when I need one again.

    1. --it happens. It's all good. Vedavoo makes some good stuff, Scott's a great guy too.

  6. I agree with Owl about the peanuts, and will add that there should have been a mild salty flavor as well.

    How are you finding the BBQ? Bonos? Woodys?

    1. They were plenty salty. In retrospect, perhaps I should have bought the "cajun"...I think it's just a texture thing.

      I like BBQ...but haven't found THE place yet. Did Bonos, meat is good, but don't care for their sauces. Tried a place called Cracker JAX BBQ, I thought it was good, KC didn't. She has a thing against folks that chop their pork vs. pull it. Haven't done Woody's yet, but did Sonny's. Think that's our favorite so far. Still looking around.

  7. Well, can't comment on the peanuts, as I have not any experience with that taste. However, can comment on the sadness that overwhelms you temporarily after you have broken a rod. Sad state of affairs I tell you. I guess on the bright side, you get to buy a new rod!

    1. Sent her in for Warranty repair...so I'll be out of commission for a bit, at least on 8-weight type of stuff. You're absolutely right though Mel, looks like another 8-weight is in the future...you know...as a backup of course...

  8. To be honest.. I'm still trying to adjust from small streams to beaches here. I grew up in So. Cal. But, it's stiill a little weird imaging you flying through the sky like you are para-sailing! Ha...


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