August 14, 2013

Crap, Do We Really Have to Bring That Hermit Crab Home?

Yeah, we finally departed from Jacksonville, made it through that sh*t show that is Miami, and are safe & sound in Islamorada for a little end of summer vacation - right before school starts for Lilly and my work schedule just gets insane.

What's in store for the next few days?  Beats me...we really don't have much of an agenda other than taking the hotel's kayaks out for a paddle and a visit to Theater of the Sea...but this is a family vacation so even though I'm in a fisherman's paradise, there's not going to be any extended days of guided fishing for me.  Might try a little DIY (which means I'll catch nothing) on Thursday morning while K.C. & Lilly are sleeping in.  Who knows.  Maybe it's specific to the Bahamas & Bonefish, but had no idea there was a DIY debate...

Anyway, yesterday was just a day of checking into the hotel, getting a bite to eat for dinner, and then Lilly hoping to go swimming in the pool...but it was unfortunately shut down for the night...I guess some little kid made like Caddyshack, but left more than a Baby Ruth in there.  Whatever... I'm actually surprised by how many damn kids are here...but I brought mine so I have no room to complain...

Here are a few pictures if you're so inclined to look at really absolutely nothing from day 1/2 of my family vacation.  Hold on tight, really exciting stuff...

Oh hey, we're here...
The pelican is none too impressed
Lilly being mad that I want her to put down her tablet and stop playing Minecraft
I tried jigging for some fish with a tenkara rod for like 15 minutes just to say I did it...
(Don't worry, the 8-weight is along too)  I hope it was a first for this fishing pier.
K.C. wanted Greek food for dinner - the Overseas Kitchen makes a good gyro
While I demand fish the rest of the week, if the wife wants one night of Greek, I'm not going to fight it
Lilly got an "appetizer" of chicken strips.  They gave us like 5 entire chicken's worth...
Soooo much food.
Fish evidently like ice cream
Lilly does too
Oh yeah, this is Mr. Krabs
He is a refugee from the beach and is now living in the ice bucket in our hotel room
I'm sure there's a health code issue somewhere in there...


  1. What would be a "crap" post for most of us, is ...Ok, so it's not THAT exciting - but hey, I'm stuck here watching my grass grow buddy. ( and it's doing a killer job of doing that, unfortunately.) Enjoy all the kids! ;) Stay safe. Don't jig up a shark or something with your tenka...hey, wait - did you say "jigging" and "tenkara?" I think you may have more than one first on your hands there, Mister. lol

    1. Yeah. Actually tried tossing a little fly around and dragging it through the water like a streamer before just straight fishing like it was a jig. Last year there were tons of aggressive little barracuda, didn't see any last night...

  2. Looks like the making of a great trip!
    Have fun!
    Can't wait to see more!