July 11, 2013

Valley Creek - The Return

Back in Philadelphia for a few days, I carved out about two hours last night to hit up good ol' Valley Creek and say 'hi.'

Last time I was at Valley was back in April for the Southeastern Pennsylvania Blogger Trouting.  The fishing was so good that day I had figured for that I'd just make that the last hurrah for a while and leave it on a good note.  But proximity to my hotel and a new (to me) Tenkara USA Ebisu rod made it simply too convenient to pay Valley Forge National Historical Park a visit.

Oh, that's a new sign...

I'd lie if I said the fishing was epic.  The water was stained, fish weren't rising, and in general, the action was pretty slow.  I mustered one small fish and about a half a dozen "swipes" where the browns took a stab at, but just wouldn't take the fly.  That said, the Ebisu, when paired with a furled line, casts great.  I found the presentation of the fly to the water very soft, I'd like to try some more 5:5 rods/

Not even a fingerling...glad I haven't lost my small fish touch.  :)

My poor luck was probably the fishing Gods balancing things out for my recent catches in Florida.  No big deal, because unlike Florida there was ample shade, clear, cool water, and no biting bugs.  That alone made the the trip extremely worth it.


  1. She can be a cruel at times...offering up fish after fish to then just one tiny minnow. Glad you were able to get out!! Tenkara lives on at Valley Creek!! TENKARA!!!!

  2. That is still an awesome brown - though small, very beautiful! :)

  3. Sometimes you can go back, but with minimal success.

  4. Any trout is a good trout.....Maybe you should post it on TBum's Tenango website.

  5. That is my kind of fish. Small and beautiful! Wait a minute, that is what Owl said.

  6. I'm glad you got back for a proper farewell!