July 30, 2013

Do You Remember Your First?

I'm not embarrassed, ashamed, or anything...this was my first fish "on the fly."

April 25th, 2009.
My 5-weight rod and reel overpowered this poor little rock bass into submission.

And a few months later, this was my first Tenkara fish.
October 3rd, 2009...as if the rock bass was not impressive enough...

Do you remember your first...fish? 
Heck, forget fly fishing, what about with a worm, a corn niblet, whatever...

I seem to remember first fishing with my Uncle Bill when I was really little.  It was probably the very early 1980s.  In retrospect, he might not have even technically been my uncle yet.  I think he was still in high school (or fresh out) and dating my Aunt who was of similar age.  Everybody older seems like a "grownup" when you're that young...

I know I caught fish, they were probably sunfish or something.  I seem to remember snaking under the barbed wire fence (and snagging my corduroys) to get to the "lake" (it was probably a pond) more vividly than the fish.  I also remember my Mom filling a change purse with some quarters (even though I didn't know how to count money yet) so I could get breakfast if Uncle Bill took me to Burger King afterwards.  Damn inflation...

For better or worse, Lilly's first "fish" was a bit better documented...

Luckily, we righted the digital wrong a few months later...

So what was your first?  

Would love it if you'd share in the comments...

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  1. I don't remember my first fish ever, or my first fish on the fly. I do remember my first solo fish on the fly. I came to fly fishing late (in my 40s, about 11yrs ago). For the first year I caught fish when I was with a guide, but never when alone. That year we went to Wyoming for family vacation. We were staying at a camp in Wapiti for a few days. When the rest of the family went for a trail ride I took my road and hiked a half mile or so up the creek. There was a little waterfall leading into a pool. I picked a fly, cast into the fall, and was hit by a 12" cutbow. After a picture I put her back in the water. I had a model made from the photo and have it in my office with the actual fly I used in its mouth.

  2. My first fish ever was a small largemouth bass from a local creek in Southern MO. It was caught with worm, hook, and bobber. Thinking back it amazes me that he even got to it before the bluegills.....must have been my amazing casting abilities.

    First fish on the fly was a rainbow trout from a place called Bennett Springs State Park in Missouri. Caught it on a crackleback drifted through a run.

    First tenkara fish was gills from a local pond near my in-laws.

  3. My first was probably a bluegill or sunfish on a worm the way my dad showed me when I was 5 or 6, like many kids. My first wild brook trout was also my first fish on a fly and with a tenkara rod. It was 5-6" long and I was using my Yamame....which was kind of like hitting a house fly with a bazooka. But it was fun and unforgettable all the same.

  4. I do not remember my first fish on a fly rod since that was over 25 years ago. I imagine that it was a small largemouth in a farm pond though. I do remember my first fish on tenkara. It was back home in NY on a small stream I had fished as a kid. It was actually a really nice brook trout.

  5. First fish, no. First on a fly rod, yes. First on Tenkara, yes. You know, you read the book.

  6. I caught my first fish EVER at 37 years old, it was a on the fly, a tiny brownie...