June 22, 2013

The New VEDAVOO Shoulder Pack

It's here...it's finally here!

The Vedavoo Shoulder Pack

Today, Vedavoo unveiled their new Shoulder Pack, a bag I've eagerly looked forward to for some time.  Why do I like this bag so much?

First off, it's a shoulder bag, a fishing "man purse" if you will.  It's not a chest pack and it's not a backpack or slingpack...it rests comfortable along your side or small of your back...which I've always liked, especially when fishing light, like with tenkara gear.

Second, and what might be more fun, is that Scott Hunter from Vedavoo actually asked me for some input on the design.  Crazy, right?

A look into the mad scientist brain of Scott

Some things I suggested adding (although Scott is the sewing & design genius, not me) were the loops to horizontally store a tenkara rod (or tube), some buckle & daisy chain placements, and probably most importantly, the big ass pocket in the back...which in original design, all of that prime real estate was going to go to waste!

From Vedavoo Website:
Designed with support from Troutrageous!, the Shoulder Pack is designed to wear over one shoulder and at your side, pushed to the back, or pulled to the front. Designed for ambidextrous use, and built for use with our Interchange Pouches to maximize versatility.

Check it out when you get a chance.  At $99, it's not gonna break the bank, and if you don't like it, blame me, not Vedavoo.  They make quality, durable products in the USA that withstand the rigors of all you can throw at them!


  1. Hey Mike. Wow new career, fishing equipment designer.

  2. Mike, thanks for giving us all a heads up on the new "Man Purse"! Simplistic and very efficient it appears. Like the idea on the clips where the nippers are hung in picture.

  3. I'm partial to the Sling Pack as you may have seen. But without a doubt, Vedavoo makes some great products and makes them to last.

  4. LOVE IT!! I can clip my custom chest pack to it and have a super pack! Might have to go to the top of the buy list!!