My Apologies...OK, Not Really...

Sorry I haven't posted in a while.  Have been totally consumed by this's pretty much "go time."  I hate cardboard boxes, and I can't say I'm looking forward to the 13 hour drive down with the dog next Thursday, but I digress...

The Jacksonville Estate was officially purchased last Tuesday.  Yay!

While I haven't been fishing, I've been lining up some fishy here are some posts to look forward to (?) in what I'd like to say upcoming days, but more likely upcoming weeks once the family gets settled in Jacksonville.

1)  I ordered some crap from TenkaraBum the other day.  Chris Stewart is a good dude, if you haven't visited his site, do yourself a favor.  Anyway, going to give the whole eyeless Tenkara fly thing a try.  Will probably make a video of the experiment.  Also might as well tie up something with that blue yarn he threw in the envelope and go catch me a redfish with it or something.

2)  Redington is sending me one of their new 8-weight Vapen rods to test out when I get down to Florida.  Now I'm no expert on 8-weights, but I just want to check out the fancy red synthetic grip.  Is the grip just a marketing gimmick?  Beats me, but you know I won't bullshit you.

Redington Vapen

3)  When I was last in Jacksonville, I stopped by Black Fly Outfitters to see what was what.  I'm pretty psyched to take their "Learn to Fly Fish in Northeast Florida" class with Captain Randy Lanier...because to be honest, I'm going to be sooooooooooo lost...

Anyway, that's it for now.  Will probably be quiet for another week or so, especially once my internet service is cancelled in Pennsylvania.  In the meantime, maybe we'll cross paths on a social network or somewhere easily accessible by smartphone.  In any event, talk to you all in a bit...


  1. Ya know with the tropical system smacking florida,and the heavy rains due in the valley forge area,maybe someone is trying to tell you something! BTW,use the auto-train to get to florida,so you can relax,and avoid the I95 headaches

  2. I'm sure you'll be just fine once you get your roots planted. The new house looks great. Nice 3 car garage. One side for the car and the other two for your workshop. Just kidding. Have a safe trip.

  3. Safe trip and best of luck to you and the family during the move.

  4. House looks wonderful and is waiting for the new family to come and share Florida. I like the big garage also. I figured you would need all that space just for your T' Fishing Stuff. Alas, I know you like stuff! Looking forward to catching your updates once you are ready and back to blogging.

  5. Michael
    Really like the new house---looking forward to the upcoming post, especially the Redington rod report, anything Redington I am into--thanks for sharing

  6. Mike, have a fun, safe trip and let us know that the gators didn't get ya.

  7. Man nice crib!

    PA has lost one of its finest fly fishing personalities!

  8. Maybe you'll really get into peacock bass. Peacockrageous...... I can't quite put my finger on it, but something about that doesn't sound right....

  9. Have fun in class!!! You will undoubtedly tell us a story about that one. Is that house big enough for weary travelers? J/K... Good luck on the move! Keep smilin' as you sift through boxes... haha.

  10. The only thing I have to say is 1. You have room for three kayaks and 2. there is no "cork shortage." Just nipping #2 in the bud. Wait. ..uh..nevermind.


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