June 15, 2013


Motherfu*cker hacked me and didn't even have the decency to send out a link to porn...

Yeah, I haven't been on a computer in the Seychelles lately.

So I apologize if you received an email from me around 11:30ish this morning with an odd looking link.  And if you did, don't click it.

Although I did find it funny that the hacker sent SPAM to the Blogger "autopublish" email address...which created a (since deleted) blog post, Facebook post, Tweet, etc....  Oh how my social media life is so intertwined...


  1. I meant to send you a thank you but my computer crashed shortly after your email.

  2. I've got you blocked everywhere I can so, no harm. ;) j/k It looked weird so I didn't click it.

  3. I knew something looked different... It didn't have the usual classy look on the email. = ) So we are good.