June 25, 2013

Gear Review: Dorcy 134 Lumen Spot Beam Headlight

Headlights, headlamps, frickin' laser beams attached to our heads, whatever you want to call them...you know what I'm talkin about, one of these:

I was contacted back in February (yes it was that long ago) to do a review for a new headlamp from Dorcy. That was before my life got turned upside down and I had to worry about packing, moving, and all that fun stuff...  Anyway, I've been able to spend some quality time with the Dorcy 41-2097 134 Lumen Headlight, and I figured it was probably an appropriate time to post a review of this little bugger.

But first, the specs, provided by the Dorcy website...
The new 41-2097 lightweight headlight is loaded with features and brightness. The small headlight produces 134 lumen of light output in a spot beam. With 12 hours of run time and 3 brightness modes makes this headlight the perfect light. Weighing in at only 2.9 ounces with batteries this light will not feel heavy after wearing it for hours. 3 brightness modes. Full power, half power and strobe mode this light will meet all of your needs.

Sounds awesome, right?  But I know, I know, you're saying "Shut up Dumbo, get to the point - how does it work???"

So here's the deal...this little thing is great.  I mean it's a headlamp, just like a lot of others, but it's really bright, and the controls are laid out well.  There's a nice sized rubberized button on the top that allows you to turn it on easily, and cycle through the settings - high beam, low beam, strobe beam (for when you're clubbin' yo!), and off.  Just like this...

The light also tilts down in 4 different positions, each denoted by a distinctive "click."  I like this part a lot.  I'm told it's a 50 degree adjustment, just like moving from Philadelphia to Florida.

There's a comfortable adjustable headstrap, nothing fancy, the kind you'd find on a pair of sports goggles or something with the large plastic sliding buckle for a secure, custom fit.  Bigheads fear not, I'm pretty sure it will fit your watermelon-sized noggins.

As far as batteries go, that might be the only negative.  It takes 3 AAA batteries (included)....what!?!  I'd imagine that might add to the size and weight of the unit a bit.  I've used other headlights in the past that used those quarter-sized (albeit harder to find) batteries.

Also, the sliding battery door is a little bit on the cheap plastic side.  Actually the whole gadget is made out of plastic, but all feels solid, except the door.  Whatever. I'm nitpicking.

While I had hoped to use this headlamp to go night (or early morning) fishing, it never really happened.  Instead, I've found myself using it around the house more than anything.

For example, when I first moved to Jacksonville, it was night time, and lighting in my new backyard is poor.  I drove down with my dog and well...he had to do his business.  Not wanting to leave unwanted parcels in the grass, I utilized the bright, focused, spot beam to you know, do my picking up.

Going forward I plan on keeping the headlamp in my fishing pack at all times.  It's rumored to be weather resistant, so unless I dunk it, I figure we should be all good, even if one of those freakishly sporadic Florida rain showers descend on my assault upon the suburban ponds of Longleaf Pine Parkway.

At $24.00, don't be cheap, get one (or even two) HERE.  Toss it in your fishing bag, glove compartment, or store with your dog's leash.  Or just do what I do and wear it around the house turned on constant strobe mode and annoy your wife.  It'll come in handy one of these days (when she kicks you out in the middle of the night), I promise you...

The Dorcy 41-2097 134 Lumen Spot Beam Headlight tested in this product review was provided to me at no cost, but carries a retail price of $24.00. I currently hold no association whatsoever with Dorcy or Mark, the gentleman who contacted me for the review and probably would have never sent me these things if he knew it would have taken 4 months to post this lame review.

As with all independent gear reviews at Troutrageous!, I try my best to keep my reviews honest and unbiased. If something is good, it deserves applause; if it sucks, I'll probably not write a post and tell the manufacturer my opinion of their hot mess directly outside of this blog. It ain't in my interest to steer you wrong, so why waste the time writing a post doing so?


  1. Sometimes you just have to have a headlight. We can't be in the dark all the time.

  2. THAT VIDEO. I was not expecting you to actually fist pump it. :) LOL That was amazing. That alone gets you blog post of the year. bwahaha. very nice. and I love the idea of a rubberized clicker/button. Less fumbling around to find the switch.