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Gear Review: Greenerways Organic Bug Spray

I know, I've been doing a lot of whining complaining about the mosquitoes in Florida.  They're big, they're bad, and they're mean.  But what should I expect for literally living in a swamp?

I was contacted by JD from Greenerways back in February about testing an Organic bug spray. Organic...really?  If a bug spray doesn't melt your fly line, how good can it be?  But I agreed anyway.

Unfortunately, being February and freezing in Philadelphia at the time, bug spray testing would have to wait.  Lucky for me, with the perfect combination of the summer and a recent move South, everything fell into place for the long awated testing opportunity...

First the details of the Greenerways Organic Bug Spray, directly from their marketing materials...

The first 100% certi fied organic insect repellent available in the United States.
Provides peace of mind for safe use with young children, adults, pets, and around the home.Made from a DEET-free, non-toxic blend of organic plant-ba…

Oh...I Almost Forgot...I Went Fishing Last Week...

Yeah, I actually did some fishing last week and really didn't write about it here.

As you might imagine, I really haven't found much time to get out and go fishing yet since I landed in Florida. Work to go to, boxes to unpack, errands to run, St. Augustine grass to mow, oh, and of course rain...all that fun stuff has kept me pretty much off the water.
That said, I guess it was last a week ago, I thought I'd go out and explore one of the larger (reclaimed water) ponds in and around our community after work.  

Oh, and since it wasn't really that far from my house, I *gasp* even broke out my 10 year old lead-weightP.O.S. mountain bike (that I've probably rode a dozen times total) and biked oh, all of 10 or 15 minutes to the spot.  Yea for physical fitness!

When I got there, the fishing was really slow to start.  The water was much shallower than I thought and I wasn't really seeing many signs of life.  But then the sun started to go down...and then t…

Gear Review: Dorcy 134 Lumen Spot Beam Headlight

Headlights, headlamps, frickin' laser beams attached to our heads, whatever you want to call know what I'm talkin about, one of these:

I was contacted back in February (yes it was that long ago) to do a review for a new headlamp from Dorcy. That was before my life got turned upside down and I had to worry about packing, moving, and all that fun stuff...  Anyway, I've been able to spend some quality time with the Dorcy 41-2097 134 Lumen Headlight, and I figured it was probably an appropriate time to post a review of this little bugger.

But first, the specs, provided by the Dorcy website...
The new 41-2097 lightweight headlight is loaded with features and brightness. The small headlight produces 134 lumen of light output in a spot beam. With 12 hours of run time and 3 brightness modes makes this headlight the perfect light. Weighing in at only 2.9 ounces with batteries this light will not feel heavy after wearing it for hours. 3 brightness modes. Full power, half …

The New VEDAVOO Shoulder Pack

It's's finally here!

Today, Vedavoo unveiled their new Shoulder Pack, a bag I've eagerly looked forward to for some time.  Why do I like this bag so much?

First off, it's a shoulder bag, a fishing "man purse" if you will.  It's not a chest pack and it's not a backpack or rests comfortable along your side or small of your back...which I've always liked, especially when fishing light, like with tenkara gear.

Second, and what might be more fun, is that Scott Hunter from Vedavoo actually asked me for some input on the design.  Crazy, right?

Some things I suggested adding (although Scott is the sewing & design genius, not me) were the loops to horizontally store a tenkara rod (or tube), some buckle & daisy chain placements, and probably most importantly, the big ass pocket in the back...which in original design, all of that prime real estate was going to go to waste!

From Vedavoo Website:
Designed with support from Trout…


Motherfu*cker hacked me and didn't even have the decency to send out a link to porn...

Yeah, I haven't been on a computer in the Seychelles lately.

So I apologize if you received an email from me around 11:30ish this morning with an odd looking link.  And if you did, don't click it.

Although I did find it funny that the hacker sent SPAM to the Blogger "autopublish" email address...which created a (since deleted) blog post, Facebook post, Tweet, etc....  Oh how my social media life is so intertwined...

Tenkara Fest 2013 - Yukata & Sugegasa Optional?

I wonder if the Japanese wear "traditional" American Cowboy hats & Wrangler blue jeans (or whatever the heck Brits wear) when they teach Fly Fishing...  Something tells me no.

Courtesy the TFO Blog.

My Apologies...OK, Not Really...

Sorry I haven't posted in a while.  Have been totally consumed by this's pretty much "go time."  I hate cardboard boxes, and I can't say I'm looking forward to the 13 hour drive down with the dog next Thursday, but I digress...

While I haven't been fishing, I've been lining up some fishy here are some posts to look forward to (?) in what I'd like to say upcoming days, but more likely upcoming weeks once the family gets settled in Jacksonville.

1)  I ordered some crap from TenkaraBum the other day.  Chris Stewart is a good dude, if you haven't visited his site, do yourself a favor.  Anyway, going to give the whole eyeless Tenkara fly thing a try.  Will probably make a video of the experiment.  Also might as well tie up something with that blue yarn he threw in the envelope and go catch me a redfish with it or something.

2)  Redington is sending me one of their new 8-weight Vapen rods to test out when I get down to Florida.…