May 18, 2013

Kickstarter: Hitch 'N' Fish

While tournament angling ain't my thing, when I got an email about a Kickstarter project called Hitch 'N' Fish, I felt compelled to post...if for no other reason that it seems like it will be entertaining (if funded).

From the Kickstarter post:

The Trip
On June 8th, we will begin our fishing journey in northern Minnesota. The trip will span two months and involve traveling over 6,000 miles, while we partake in fishing tournaments and challenges along the way. From Minnesota we will head to the deep south, then head west towards the rocky mountains. From there we will head north until we hit Montana and eventually come full circle back to Minnesota. The four crew members of Hitch’N’Fish will be traveling in a 2000 GMC Tahoe and trailering a 16 foot basstracker. We will be sleeping in tents in some of the most remote areas across the country. The trip will emulate what we think represents: A Real American Story!!! 
The Documentary
We will be documenting every part of our journey. Think about it. Traveling across the country fishing in small town tournaments will illuminate a different side of this country. We plan to document every leg of this trip from the time we wake up until we hit the hay at night. We will be journaling the entire trip while we encounter and meet extraordinary people that are from different parts of this country. The footage will be condensed into one riveting documentary.

So if you're interested in supporting, check out this link HERE.  At the moment, they're about $20K short with 15 days to go.  Difficult, yes.  Impossible...well...what do they say about fishing?  It only takes one BIG fish to turn your day around...

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