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In Search of Pennsylvania's Wild Salvelinus Fontinalis

There are no wild brook trout in Southeastern Pennsylvania.  OK, I'm sure there's someone out there that will tell me I'm wrong, but it's not that much of an exaggeration.  Wild trout, let alone wild brook trout, are pretty scarce in my corner of the state.  I don't think the maladies related to (sub)urban sprawl have been kind to the official state fish over the past 250+ years.
As such, I've caught quite a few stocked well as wild brookies in other parts of the country, but had never caught a wild Pennsylvania brook trout.  Crazy, right?

So with my weekends in the Keystone State becoming scarce, I thought I'd try to locate the closest wild brook trout stream I could, that also was majority public access.  This was not going to be a trespassing mission.  After a search on PA Fish & Boat, I headed a bit north of Reading, PA to a tiny spring creek, sight unseen.  I'm not going to tell you the name, but if so inclined, it's not too h…

2013 Stony Creek Anglers Trout Tournament

It's Tourney Week!
It's time again for the Stony Creek Anglers Trout Tournament, and as such my annual commercial for the event.  If you're in the Norristown, Pennsylvania area (or have the time to make the trip over), fishing starts at 8AM on Saturday the 27th and 7AM on Sunday the 28th.

More Info HERE

This is my trout club's annual fundraiser - which pays a large portion of the annual operating costs to feed the fish we raise on behalf of the State for stocking of the creeks and streams in and around Montgomery County, Pennsylvania.  Founded in 1997, the Stony Creek Anglers are Montgomery County's first co-operative trout nursery, and an IRS recognized tax-exempt 501(c)(3) non-profit organization.

Beer, Baseball, & Bait...

...doesn't get much better than that.

$20 On EBay Gets You This...

It's like the Honus Wagner of pin up girls holding dead (and possibly phallic) flying fish cards...

So hurry up, before the auction ends...

A Blogger Improvement? The New Google+ Comment Interface

Yesterday, Blogger (or Google, or whomever) announced a voluntary "upgrade" to the commenting system that powers many of our Blogger blogs.

The big news was that by clicking a button in your options, you can now change your commenting interface to seamlessly interact with Google+.  In short, this means that any comments made on your blog can automatically show up on Google+ and vice versa.  
Also, and this is where it gets a little nutty, anybody that shares or talks about your post on Google+ (whether you're aware of it or not) will have their share and subsequent comments on that share pulled into your post as well.  That way all the noise created by your blog post can potentially be viewed and replied to in one place.  
There's a little more to it, including how your Google+ sharing settings play into what other people actually see, but that's the basic concept.  One that potentially could expand the reach of your blog, creating more interactivity and attracti…

One Year Lived by Adam Shepard - eBook Offer

I was recently contacted by Adam Shepard, an author who put his "normal" life on hold for a year, traveled all around world, had all kinds of interesting experiences, and wrote a book about it called "One Year Lived."  The book will be released in paperback on April 22nd, but he's generously given my readers the opportunity to receive an electronic copy by sharing the word of it's release...but more on that in a bit...

So why should you be compelled to read this book about some random dude's "vacation?"  This isn't fishing...right?  I'll be honest, I was a skeptic myself...especially since the project was initially presented to me under the context that "Americans lack of travel breeds ignorance."  I mean c'mon, we're America, f#ck yeah, we're awesome...who needs to go to Nicaragua to understand that?

However as I read the book, the unique perspective gained from following Mr. Shepard's adventures (elephant ri…

"Pro Shop" - I'm Gonna Catch Some Bass

A bass fishing parody of that song that's EVERYWHERE these days, brought to you by Bass Utopia & Anglers Music...

...I'mma take yo' entry fee...

Hat tip to+Jeff Madre for sharing on Google Plus last night...

Tenkara Tuesday: Tying the Generic White Hackle Kebari

Welcome to Tenkara Tuesday.

This past weekend my fishing companions and I were faced with fishing in slightly off colored water.  I'm not talking chocolate milk, but rather iced tea.  When fishing tenkara in those situations, I've always found a white hackle kebari to be extremely productive.  (I know, I know...the fly doesn't matter...whatever...)

I'm not sure if it's because the fish can see the fly better in stained water, or if it's because I can see the fly better (to manipulate it) in the dirty water, but I always seem to catch more fish when using this fly.

There's nothing fancy about this fly, the pattern is pretty much as simple as it gets...I tied this one with a tan body, but regularly tie them in all kinds of colors.

Tie a few up yourself...would love to see pictures of your next catch!

Southeastern Pennsylvania Blogger Trouting

Sometimes it takes a certain set of circumstances to give you the kick in the pants needed to make something cool actually happen.  I suppose this past Saturday's fishing outing was an example of that.

I've made a lot of friends writing Troutrageous! over the years.  While a few of them live somewhat close by, I've only actually fished with a handful.  Before moving to Florida, I wanted to change that, and I wanted to pass on some of my Valley Creek knowledge, so I popped off some emails a few weeks ago to some fellow Southeastern PA fishing bloggers...

I've had the pleasure of fishing with Matt (Functioning Fishaholics) a few times, both at my home water of Valley Creek as well as other places.  I've gone to Fly Fishing shows with Mike (Dub The Thorax) a handful of times, but only fished with him once, at his home water of the Little Lehigh. However, Steven (The FlyFishing Bowhunter) I only knew from the internet.  Sharing an interest in tenkara, I wanted him in t…

The GREAT Shirt of China

Got an email from the artist formerly known as Lunker Hunt yesterday.  It's always good to hear from Clif - as I always value his unique point of view and similar sense of humor - and the latest peek into his residency in China is no different.

"I challenge all your readers tosubmit a picture as "great" as this one."
So T! Party members, think can you do it?

There are a lot of stickers and more than a few T! Shirts out there...who knows, maybe I'll even pick a prize from the treasure box to send to the best one.  I'd send something to Clif, but I don't want cause an international incident.

Guest Post: The New Age of Fishing

I was recently approached by Fishidy to see if I'd be willing to post a guest post about their service.  Heck, I'm pretty liberal around here, especially if it's about something that I think others might find helpful or useful. So I'll take a backseat today and give up the floor for this guest post.  Take a peek; if you're into fishing logs, maps, and social networks, I think it may grab your interest.

The New Age of Fishing:
Online Maps, Social Communities & Fishidy

Many see fishing as an avenue to escape the stresses of everyday life. Fishing gives us a chance to get away from the office, disconnect from the laptop and cell phone, and enjoy the simplicity of throwing a perfect loop to watch it unfold just beyond an eagerly awaiting trout. While I’m in no way disagreeing with the puritan mentality and the comfort offered, it doesn’t hurt to take a look at emerging technology within the fishing industry…

Internet Speculating With Domain Name Grabs

So I was trolling the internet last night, and I thought I'd do a Google search...  I never really paid much attention to what happens when you Google "Jacksonville Fly Fishing"

Notice anything odd?  Yeah I did too...  there is no  Yeah, it's a long URL, but c'mon, that should be a layup.  So I changed that.

I hopped on GoDaddy and grabbed and last night in an internet land grab.  Am I going to do something with them?  Maybe at some point once I actually live there.  What that me.  Do I feel a little dirty for sitting on a domain without clear intent to use it?  Perhaps a touch.

Now you might ask, (or probably not, as I'm sure you've stopped reading this post by now) is this the first time I've grabbed a domain out of impulse?  Unfortunately, no.  Most usually come from some brainstorm that I have that I'll create this awesome website to do something remarkable …

Random Fishing Picture From Last Year

In lieu of a real post, here's a random Islamorada fishing picture from 2012.

And in tribute to The Holga Master, a the same image with a Holga-inspired filter...

That is all...