Wednesday Nibbles: The Return Edition

So I figured if JT...(no not THAT JT) can resurrect Monday Morning Coffee, I can certainly bring back Wednesday Nibbles, at least for a week...  New to Wednesday Nibbles?  It was a weekly post I used to write that sort of had fishing news in it, but more so just stupid stuff...well stuff that was more stupid than my normal posts...

Did you happen to catch the three-headed monster of a collaboration between Vedavoo, Recycled Waders, and artist Jeff Currier?  Yeah, they're making some packs that will be auctioned off in April with the proceeds going to a slew of charities.  You can win one too if you promote it through social media...details HERE.

Pure sexy

While the charity angle is pretty rad, the concept of a pack with both Vedavoo & Recycled Waders DNA is a total wet dream for a man-bag whore like know...wet...because fish...umm swim in water...and all that stuff...

omg oh my god fall out chair of omg oh my god fall out chair of

This is actually pretty cool, and perhaps ironic at the same time.  Tenkara USA recently announced the hiring of a new product design guru named Luke Uyeda.  According to their blog post Luke views this as an opportunity to, "bring the process of design thinking into the fly fishing industry; new perspective and innovations through qualitative research, insight analysis, ideation, and form/function development."

Tenkara Luke

Sweet, sounds good to me...and I'm interested to see where Luke's influence might take future TUSA offerings.  Oh yeah, the irony?  Check out the first example of one of Luke's design concepts on his personal portfolio site.

Speaking of new product design, forget Apple, forget Samsung, the interactive urinal is where it's at...

Can't make this examples HERE.  Damn I'm gonna miss Pennsylvania...really need to get to an Iron Pigs game before I head South...

Any finally with an unfortunate segue of pee, what's the reason why I really brought back the Nibbles?  Because my Mom's birthday was Monday...and she told me she missed them. So she gets the blog love this week.  Happy birthday Mom.  You're awesome & I love you.

My mom, my cousin, and somebody with rad hair and a tasteful tie.
Photo circa 1993ish


  1. You've made my day, which is almost over.

    1. Glad to hear. You can send me some of those "Cubans" as payment.

  2. That was great Mike. Started my day with a good laugh.

    1. At least it didn't make you cry. It makes me cry sometimes.

  3. i was reading your about section and read fishing is about fun not stereotypes, great words of wisdom. see, i have my own blog about spin fishing and sometimes im a little to harsh on fly guys. now im gonna try my best to keep it all in good fun, i will be recommending your blog on mine, if you would like to check it out i would appreciate it its fairly new.

    1. Spin fishing is rad. Despite my affection for the fly, the spin tackle does not go unused. Keep up the good work.

  4. Mom looks really nice!
    Oh, I am a "bag" whore, too.
    Great work on their combined efforts, but, spendy I bet.
    Back to Chasin' Rainbows!

    1. The way you wrote that looks like a poem. Perhaps a haiku. Who knew the Rainbow Chaser was so cultured?

  5. Replies
    1. I was probably going for Bell Biv Devoe box top fade, but I'll take the ROTC compliment.

  6. Oh you were such a geek. Happy birthday mom, you always like Mike better.


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