Please Pass The Sunscreen

Sorry for being so quiet lately.  But I've been a little busy at work.  Nashville was the diversion this week.  Oh, and the Florida thing is official.

KC & I visited Jacksonville this past weekend and left with new digs.  ETA June-ish.  Suddenly, this is really real.  Looks like I need an 8-weight.

Three car and multi-kayak garage is my favorite feature.  Who needs grass?

Oh, and we made sure there are ample visiting anglers guest know, for folks that want to come visit...just saying...


  1. Congrats! I know you'll miss the trout fishing some, but it'll be a great chance to add to your species total - and teach those FL folks about...TENKARA! Eh? Have it tested for sink-holes underneath. (not joking)

  2. You'll like Jacksonville. I've spent a good deal of time there , have family there , fished there. You'll have to get used to the two season model , Florida and February. Remind me to send you a picture I have of some rare FL snow

  3. Nice garage, does it come with a house?

  4. Congrats! Looks like it is time to buy more fishing gear to fill the garage.

  5. The smaller garage space on the left looks like it might be perfect for a skiff. Don't forget to pick up a 10 or 11 wt. when you get the 8 wt.

    The only thing I remember about passing through Jacksonville is that the liquor store didn't stock George Dickel white label. That alone disqualifies it for me.

  6. Put in a couple of spots of St. Augustine and you'll have that front yard covered in no time. Congratulations on the move.

  7. Congrats on the move! With all the new fishing opportunites you'll have, how will you ever get any work done?

  8. Congrats! Redfish...I am jealous!

  9. Troutredfisherious! Congrats on the move. Our hurricane new prognosticator.


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