A Bout With Mother Nature

Mother Nature can be temperamental.

Attendance at my company this week was a little lean.  With extended Easter weekends in play I thought it might be a good opportunity to take a personal day myself, and maybe unwind a little bit by getting a line wet.

When I left my house, it was a beautiful late March day.  55 degrees, blue skies, and the sun peeking through the puffy white clouds just enough to make it feel even warmer.  By the time I got to the water, someone pulled the plug.  Gray clouds had corrupted the sky and a bone-chilling wind began its assault.

Mother Nature can be cruel.

The fishing?  After about five or ten minutes of fishing I caught this little one on a Killer Kebari.  I rarely fish Killer Bugs (or their variants), but I was in the mood to try something different...at least until I lost it on a submerged branch.

As the weather continued to deteriorate, so did the fishing.  Cast.  Drift.  Twitch.  Cast again.   This continued for two unfruitful hours.  Teased by a couple swipes and flashes at my offerings, my net remained empty.  The wind was blowing harder now making it difficult to cast.  I started to feel a chill I couldn't shake.

Mother Nature can be flat out mean.

At that point, I was done.  I collapsed my tenkara rod and started back toward the car.  My fingers were numb, expecting better conditions, my jacket was too light for the temps, and I just wasn't much in the mood anymore.

As I passed the covered bridge near the parking area something told me to drop in and at least fish one more section before I bailed.  Five minutes later my masochism was rewarded as my line went taut and this inhaled the Kiwi's Royal Sakasa Kebari tied to the end.

Mother Nature and I left on speaking terms.


  1. Great fish Mike. I can relate to the changing weather.

    1. Thanks, I don't like to complain about the weather, but yesterday was really uncomfortable.

  2. Hi Michael!

    Nice post! Yes, sometimes it seems that everything is working against you but with a little perseverance many times the outings gives us joy and peace of mind anyway. Thanks for sharing!

    1. Thanks TJM, pretty much every fishing outing (no matter how "good") is better than doing most else.

  3. Great work ..... the effort is rewarded at the end ... best wishes on future climate catches ...

  4. Yeh, weather can sure change in a heartbeat. The last one was well worth the stop.

    1. Definitely put me in a better state of mind, but heck, at least I wasn't at work.

  5. I applaud you for being motivated to give it a whirl and determined to stick it out as long as you did. Couple of nice fish always helps the ego, too!

  6. I decided to stay home and throw up rather than show the fortitude you showed for sticking around. Nice fish.


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