March 10, 2013

7 Years Old, I Can't Believe It!

Yesterday was Lilly's 7th birthday (party).  Her actual birthday was last Monday, but we waited until this weekend to have the annual bash.

Still being super into dogs, we had a "pup" cake party for Lilly.  The main activity was a cake icing demonstration from Confetti Mountain Tookies & Cakes, and time for the kids to decorate (and eat) their own cupcakes.  Lilly's cake (of course) was dog themed, and my uber-crafty wife made dog aprons for everyone to wear and take home.

Here are a few pictures from the party:

My wife also set up a "photo booth" complete with a ton of props and accessories.  The kids loved playing dress up and goofing around in front of the camera almost as much as the cupcakes.  Maybe it was just the sugar...but I don't think so...

Lilly hamming it up...there's a bunch more pics of her & other little kids acting goofy,
but parents get picky about putting up pics of their kids on the internet.

Oh, the adults has a little fun too...

Happy 7th birthday Lilly.
Daddy loves you.


  1. Dog cakes, gummy worm cupcakes, lots of love.
    Happy Birthday Lilly

  2. Is it possible that the adults had more fun than the kids? Looks like a lot of fun for all. Happy Birthday to Lilly!

  3. Great post. Got two little girls of my own that just had birthdays. We have a jump zone party today. Good times!

  4. I think the cupcake with the worms is the winner. Happy 7th Lilly.

  5. Bravo! Well done. And a belated Happy Birthday to Lilly from RD!

  6. Happy belated birthday to Lilly!! The photos are adorable, and it looks like one seriously fun party!! :)

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