Tenkara Tuesday: The 2013 Tenkara Summit

So are you going?

News has been out for a while that the 2013 Tenkara Summit is headed to the East Coast, shacking up in Harrisonburg, Virginia on May 11th & 12th.

I made my arrangements last week, so I guess I'm officially going.

I happen to be looking forward to it too, because last year's event in Salt Lake City, UT was a blast. With that said, this year's event is advertising a "Tenkara Social," featuring a band & party at the hotel on Saturday night which definitely sounds interesting.  Karaoke, Sapporo, and sake bombs anyone?  Us one fly folks know how to get rowdy.

(Last year's recap posts HERE & HERE)

So again, are you going?    If so, or even think so, let me know in the comments below, would love to do some networking (and fishing) both before and during the event, and put faces to names should the opportunity present itself.


  1. I'm at about 80% that I'm going, if only to get more West Coast jer... I mean, wonderful fly companies doing things on the East Coast.

    1. Sweet, if that other 20% doesn't rear it's ugly head, we should make a point to fish a bit. (Or maybe I could just head out to Western PA before I move to Florida...)

    2. That I would be down with, either or.

  2. Mossy Creek is a great fly shop, and I don't think The Summit will ever get any closer. I may have to make a trip. It is only a 3 hours drive. As of this second, I'm not working that weekend. if you are interested in getting together to fish, let me know, but I totally understand if you, ah, have other plans. I'm sure you'll be busy.... there's your out :) Honestly, let me know. As of now, I'm planning on attending.

    1. I don't need an out. Things like this are all about this kind of stuff. I'm not as busy or popular as you might suspect. If you make it, fish we shall.

    2. awesome. I'll keep you posted.


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