February 19, 2013

Guest Post: 3 Pocket-Sized Fishing Tools I Love

I'm taking the day off today.  I was recently sent a guest post submission, so I'm taking the gentleman up on his offer, an entry about all small, inexpensive fishing accessories that make his outings more enjoyable.  While they all may not fit your personal style of fishing, I hope this post at least creates the opportunity for you to reflect on the functionality of the various gizmos inside your tackle box, fishing vest, etc...

Heck, if there are any that tools that help you on the water, it would be great if you'd mention them in the comments.  Who doesn't like gear talk?  I hope you enjoy....


Regardless of the context, having the right tools can make all the difference in the job you’re doing. Whether you’re completing some DIY work around the house, getting things done at work, or just hanging out on a dock, having access to the tools to help you do things better or faster and make just about any task more enjoyable (or less aggravating at least).

I’m going to discuss 3 fishing tools that I absolutely love – and I think you will, too. All of them fit into my cargo pockets so they’re extra portable and ready to go with you on your next fishing trip. And the best part is they’re all under $15.

A hand scale to weigh fish

Once of the primary things I learned when I started using a hand scale to weigh each of the fish I caught was that I was… ahem… overestimating the weight of my fish a bit. Albeit unintentionally. After I purchased my $5 digital hand scale from Amazon I found that I got a lot more serious about measuring and documenting the fish I caught. In response, I’ve seriously upped my fishing game and enjoy the sporting aspect more than I ever have now. Plus I learned to be skeptical of some of my friends when they claim big catches!

A pocket-sized notebook and pencil

In relation to the last item I posted, I also have a small notebook and pencil that I keep to document any large fish that I catch. I record the date, conditions, type of fish, bait, and weight. As I mentioned, this has really kicked up my game and given me some insight on what conditions and bait combination make for the best fishing. I used to just try to keep this information in my head, but I’ve found that writing it down actually makes it a lot easier to see trends and analyze them. I’m a much better fisher than I used to be, and I credit this system for getting me there more than any single pole or lure.

A small Leatherman mini tool

No more biting through line or struggling to pull a swallowed treble hook out for me. It took me years to finally just purchase one of these small Leatherman tools via Walmart, and I’m SO glad I did. I use it to cut line, bend hooks, and occasionally remove hooks from fish (although I have a dedicated hook remover that I normally use for that). I got by without a utility tool for many years, but after buying one I’d never live without it again.

Hopefully this has been helpful and I’ve talked you into spending the $20 total required for all of these items. Although I’ve been fishing since I was a kid, I’m enjoying it more now than ever before thanks in part to these items.


About the Author:

Jeff Stevens is a writer for the hunting and fishing site Hunter's Guide. He loves to hunt, fish, and experience all things outdoors. Jeff recently wrote a related article titled 3 items in my tackle box that made life easier.


  1. I have that scale. I'm skeptical of how accurate it is. I put a 5lb weight in a plastic grocery bag and weighed it. It was about a lb off.

  2. The notebook and pencil is key to me. I love looking back on previous outings and making my fishing decisions from it.

  3. I really like the hand scales, those come in handy for sure.

  4. Kevin, maybe that's why the bass I caught last fall weighed so much :).

    In all honesty, I've noticed that it is REALLY sensitive and get thrown off easily - I guess that's why it's so cheap! I should probably buy another since mine seems to be wearing a bit rough too... or maybe up my game and get a better one that lasts longer.

  5. Hey, Jeff, nice post with some good tips on your gear. I have to say that I have carried around that Leatherman in my gear bag for years and it has been like a good friend too me. Happy to see you using it a lot also.