Redfish Jump & A Mouth Full Of Lava

Yesterday was a total bust in terms of sourcing inspiration for a blog post.  Sorry to let you down Brian Schiele...

I've been doing a little bit of fishing recon...not that I'm going to have time to wet a line...but for future planning.  I found some cool videos on YouTube of kayak fishing in the Jacksonville area from Capt. Rich Santos.  Like this one...Redfish Jump.

Next time I'm down here...and there's certain to be a next time...I need to schedule an extra day or two to take advantage of skinny water fun like that...

And to close, just because, a....

Random Business Trip Fact:

I had sushi for dinner last night.  A Sakura roll and a Yuki roll, and they were pretty damn good.  They would have been better if I hadn't scorched the top of my mouth on the molten innards of a Krab Rangoon appetizer.  Will probably be playing with the remnants of dead skin clinging to the roof of my mouth all day today...


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