January 17, 2013

Random Product from the 2013 Cabela's Fishing Catalog

In what is becoming an annual exercise in triviality, I figured with its recent delivery, now is as good a time as ever to play the "Random Product from the Cabela's Fishing Catalog" game.

Want to play at home?  Need a refresher?  Don't give a crap and would rather look at half naked chicks holding fish?  Anyway, here are the rules...  

First you need this book...
(Don't have one, get one HERE)

2013 Cabela's Fishing Catalog
No, this isn't the fly fishing catalog, get over yourself...

My copy has 295 pages, yours may too unless you were recently in a pinch in the bathroom.  Anyway, using the magic of the internet & Random.org...go to that site and type 295 in the number picker widget and have it choose a number...in this case, my number was 214.

Turn to page 214...

Count the items on the page.  Page 214 has 8 items.  So drop 8 into Random.org...and like voodoo...there's your "Random Product from the Cabela's Fishing Catalog."  (BTW, I got #8).

So what's my product?  None other than what the catalog calls the "Fishing Blacklight"...which interestingly enough Cabela's calls something completely different on their website.  (Rechargeable LED Fishing Light, as if the two of those things sound the same...)

This compact, multipurpose light is ideal for night fishermen. Three switches allow individual control of three different light settings: 10 UV LEDs produce a wide-angle blacklight to illuminate line from bow to stern; 5 red LEDs provide task lighting for reading charts or rigging poles; 5 white LEDs for setup or clean up. The cordless design is completely portable for the utmost in convenience. Runs up to 8 hours on a single charge. Operate or charge with the 12-volt cord or charge at home with the 110-volt charger.

What Cabela's fails to mention is its alternate uses include (but are not limited to) a counterfeit bill identifier, a bodily fluid detector (the CSI's best friend), and of course the non-organic ingredient that makes the Grateful Dead dancing bears poster in your bedroom glow all trippy.

A Phish poster would substitute fine

So enjoy...and let me know what you find in your Cabela's fishing catalog...


  1. Wait. . .what page are the half naked chicks on?

    1. Just needed to make sure you were paying attention...

  2. OK, a little later than I wanted to do this, but I had to go fishing today (see my post). Random G gave me page 21 and the only thing on page 21 is Platinum X something or other. Some kind of rod that is way too expensive at $199.99. I also know that sometime in the near future, half naked chicks will be on you blog, so not to worry.

    1. Funny thing is a fly rod at $199.99 might be considered "cheap"...

      Yes, I need to get some T&A up on the site this year.

  3. Very nice. I think I'm going to post misc. pages out of the Denver phone book. There used to be someone named Magnolia Thunderpussy in there.

  4. The stomach pump makes me laugh - "Make the guesswork easier and your fly-fishing time more productive by taking stomach samples from the trout you catch. This is a highly effective way to get an idea of what types of flies and therefore what fly patterns you should be using. Using water, it's a harmless way to collect samples without harming the fish."

    1. True story - I once got scolded in the Bass Pro "fly shop" for making fun of one of those stomach pumps. I made some stupid joke about trout needing one of these because the got food poisoning from eating too much Powerbait and some dude came up and freaked out incoherently on me. I'm not sure if he felt I was insulting the pump or Powerbait, but either way I just walked away.

  5. First time playing and I nailed me some Spider Wire Stealth Braid Teflon coated "monofilament" ?? I was hoping Random G generated something in a 34B however, it was not meant to be.