January 15, 2013

Gear Review Post Review?...One Year+ Later

One of my favorite (and most misunderstood) entries that ever graced this trainwreck of a blog was an "initial thoughts" post on a boot bag provided to me by a marketing arm of Fishpond to review.

I just so happened to be paging through my blog killing time at a remodeled Wendy's when I re-read this sucker.  The humor is undoubtedly weak (I happen to know the provider of the product was none too impressed), but the banter in the reader comments make me chuckle...still...to this day...

Like this gem...

Whatever happened to that guy...it's like he ran off to China or something...

By the way...I think of all the gear I've ever been gifted by manufacturer/marketer type of folks, this item gets the most constant use (& frankly abuse) of them all.  While I wasn't sure the need at the time, after traveling with wading boots several times last year and just generally using it to and from the local waters, I now clearly recognize the value in this item.  Even more so than when I wrote THIS follow up post a few months later.

Don't sleep on the Buckskin boot bag (even though it's no longer found on their website).  It's not just for stuffed puppies anymore.


  1. I am around...plotting about the future and wishing about the present.

    I will post a blog if you show me a picture of minnows caught in the boot bag.

  2. This was a successful review as it brought our dearest Clif back to the comment box! Glad that bootie bag has worked for you, in all seriousness. Now, go catch some minnows...