January 2, 2013

First Fish of 2013

Hey...Happy New Year.  Back at work yet?  Yeah, me too....damn it sucks, right?


Yesterday, I figured I'd take my last day of freedom as an opportunity to rid myself of the New Year's skunk.  For the past few years it's been a tradition of sorts to sneak out in the morning catch a fish or two, and then head home to watch bowl games.

The first year I did it was 2010 when I caught a stocked brookie on spinning gear.  In 2011 I caught a tiny wild brown on a tenkara rod.  In 2012 I not only struck out but also felt the wrath of an unexpected downpour.  This year...well...

I was greeted by a little bit of snow left on the ground from our Christmas Eve "storm."

Geared up in the back of the SUV... brought both a tenkara rod and a Cabela's CGR fly rod.  Wasn't sure which I'd use.  The Zimmerbuilt Tenkara Guide Sling pack makes it far too easy to bring multiple rods.

I opted for tenkara.

And created a commercial for Tenkara USA

Fishing was slow...but finally got a MONSTER to take my kebari to claim the title of...


I'm sure the bigger ones were just sleeping off their New Year's Eve hangovers.  You guys all know I don't catch big fish anyway.

Well, at least the skunk is gone.

I'm sure some of you head out on New Year's and do the same...if you did, feel free to post your pics on my Facebook page.  Would love to see them!


  1. That's a nice little wild brown. This may be the year I actually try Tenkara.

    1. It's not everyone's cup of tea, but it's at least worth a try. Probably two, the first time you might end up caught in trees.

  2. Thanks for the Tenkara ad ;) I might pick it up this spring for the creeks. I feel lazy I haven't been out yet now.

  3. Nice little tradition ya got there. Good on you. Might keep the hangovers away?

  4. Replies
    1. Thanks Mark...and Happy New Year to you my friend.

  5. Ah...My 2013 Fisrt Fish went for a swim before I got the camera out. Yes, it was that impressive! Happy New Year and here's to many more fish with spots!

    1. There goes my funny phone again which doesn't know how to spell...