January 6, 2013

EZFlyTie.com - 15% off Coupon Code

Struck up a conversation via email yesterday with Eric from EZFlyTie.com.

What is that site exactly?...well, to quote Eric...
"I took a fly tying class last summer and was intrigued. I went home and tried to find a website that offered quality, free online video instruction and an avenue to buy all of the necessary materials. To my surprise, I couldn't find anything."
That probably rings true for a lot of us, especially beginner fly tiers or those of us that often blankly stare overwhelmed at the enormous wall of fly tying feathers, doohickeys, & whatchamacallits.

To help with this, you'll find really well done instructional videos, material kits (for sale) that match the videos, as well as a ton of individual components - vises, scissors, thread, beads, etc...

And if you're still paying attention...for the rest of this month (January), if you use the code troutrageous at checkout, you'll get 15% off your order.  Don't say I never give you anything.


  1. Pretty cool idea. I wish him luck. I know if he continues to build his stock that I would buy so I wouldn't have to tie my own that I don't like to do. Thanks for sharing this Mike.

  2. I have already tied a number of flies with it and the tools are great. Fly tieing is an ART!!! and not for the heavy handed or the lets get it done now. This product does everything it says it will do.