January 3, 2013

Drink Like A Fish?

I was in Jacksonville, FL on business yesterday.

The hotel bar had a special on SweetWater 420 Extra Pale Ale.

I may have had a few last night.

I'm coming home today...may even be on the plane North as you read this.

That is my fish-inspired post for today.


  1. As the old commercial used to say....BRILLIANT! - hey man, they can't all be gems. :) Enjoy the flight.

  2. I hope it wasn't brewed with water from the St. Johns . . . .

  3. From a weird law article I wrote for the newspaper. It’s illegal to get a fish drunk in Ohio. Good thing you were in Florida.

  4. I got a chicken drunk one day in Colorado.

  5. It's big down here near ATL but even though I wanted to like it -(it has a freakin trout as a logo and that should be enough ) I found myself liking the label more than the beer. I would still hang there banner in my garage. Brilliant advertising!