Assuming My Google Identity

I made a slight change in my blog last night, one that probably won't be noticed by many.

Calm down Conservatives...

I converted my Blogger profile to my Google+ profile.  Not sure why I did it...but I did.  As such, you'll notice  posts & comments are no longer authored by troutrageous1, but now assume my actual identity.  A scandalous move that will certainly torpedo my professional career at some point in the future, but whatever....maybe it'll eventually benefit me once they work the final kinks out of the Google Car...

Anyway, in addition to falling in line with Google's Master Plan, in more practical terms I can now link to people or pages that are on Google+ (yeah, that other, other, other, social network that only Apple-haters are on) with a simple click right as I'm writing a blog post.

Like this...

Which then display like this... +Owl Jones or this... +Something's Fishy ...or this +The Functioning Fishaholics.  So that's kinda cool...but also kinda silly, because each name has a stupid plus symbol in front of it, and I'm sure those guys would much rather I link to their blogs than their Google+ pages.

Oh well....

Interested in making this leap too?  Find some more info HERE and HERE.


  1. I did this a couple weeks ago with one of my google profiles, Mike. It does have some nice integration with all the other google stuff. In terms of following all the great blogs (like yours), there still needs to be an uber profile for blogger and Wordpress. I doubt google plus ever do this, but who knows.

    1. An uber blogging profile would be interesting...who knows...

  2. Very interesting. I've never found G+ to direct much of any traffic (except other bloggers) to my site. A coworker first figured out I was the author of my blog in 2008 (all my coworkers were hunters/anglers in my same Then, occasionally someone has asked to use my photo for something else, and I've ended up giving them my real name. Finally in 2012, I actually put my name on my blog and in the blog's FB profile (which I rarely update these days).

    Inevitable. The anonymity was nice while it lasted.

    1. If people want to know, they'll find out. That's what I figure.

  3. G+ will be gone by next year. (Typed from my apple device)

    But seriously. I didn't make to switch. Just felt uncomfortable about it.

    1. Mike (dubman), do you have the issue when commenting on a blogger site that the text box refuses additional text entry and you have to hit "done" and then renter the text box to finish the comment?

      This happens on my iPhone all the time and is maddening!

    2. I wouldn't be surprised, maybe not gone, but repurposed.

      I really didn't do this for the G+ integration, rather I think down the line this is going to happen anyway as google inbreeds all of their products. One login, one profile, tons of tools. Blogger included.

    3. Yeah, I do wonder if blogger will straight up go away. I'm already using a dinosaur for image hosting....don't need another for the whole blog!

      My craft! You are ruining my craft!

  4. I chose not to this point anyway. Call me chicken. And I will definitely follow up to see if you are still happy about the transition in a few months!

  5. A couple of short comments. I didn't know River Mud had another name. The River Damsel wears a Fanny Pack. Oh and probably no one cares, but I did the switch quite a while ago. I like the Google+ profile but other than that...

  6. For what it is worth, I switched from my Blogger profile to Google Plus for awhile. Didn't realize any benefit from it, and, just recently switched back. But, anyone who has followed me for very long knows that I am always tweaking and trying something.


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