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The Return of "Fishertainment"


Wednesday Nibbles - The NSFW? Artistic Fishing Photo Edition

Before I jump straight to the pictures, allow me to first give you the back story...

So we're at the bar eating and drinking after the Fly Fishing Show on Sunday, and Mike from Dub The Thorax goes, "hey, I'm gonna text you this link one of my friends sent takes women in waders to the new level"...and with that smirks and makes some side comment that this will be one of the more f'd up things I'd see on that particular day.

And with that I get a link to an imgur site hosting some wacky foreigner's photos that I'm not going to link to here...because I don't want you getting in trouble at work.

Instead, I present the Cliff's Notes version...for somewhat safer consumption...

To start, a chick in the water holding some sort of ginormous fish.  Probably a catfish or something, it's huge, but the crazy meter is probably only at about a 7 out of 10.  Nice sunset... she (or a friend) is in a boat with a similar fish...could …

The 2013 Fly Fishing Show (Somerset, NJ) Recap...Sort Of....

So if I told you that you were going to go into a room with a ton of other dudes who are holding each other's rods and wiggling them, would that be an exciting proposition?

Well that was the backdrop for this year's visit to The Fly Fishing Show in Somerset, NJ...the annual "big show" on the East Coast, and an opportunity to ogle at and play with all of the new gear that the fly fishing industry brings forth for the upcoming year.

In a revival of last year's mission, I met up with Matt from The Functioning Fishaholics far too early in the morning, however this time we also joined forces with Mike from Dub The Thorax and his friend Silent Bob Fly Fishing before the trek to Jersey.

Now if you're expecting a really extensive post with tons of pictures, reviews, and all that good stuff people read blogs for, well...sorry for the letdown.  I really didn't wear my blogger hat well at the show, and I took zero pictures.  None.  I know.  Lame.  So for the purpose…

Flying Home Tonight

5 PM flight from Jacksonville, FL to Philadelphia.
Wish me luck...knowing the PHL airport, maybe I'll make it home in time for the Fly Fishing Show on Sunday...

Redfish Jump & A Mouth Full Of Lava

Yesterday was a total bust in terms of sourcing inspiration for a blog post.  Sorry to let you down Brian Schiele...

I've been doing a little bit of fishing recon...not that I'm going to have time to wet a line...but for future planning.  I found some cool videos on YouTube of kayak fishing in the Jacksonville area from Capt. Rich Santos.  Like this one...Redfish Jump.

Next time I'm down here...and there's certain to be a next time...I need to schedule an extra day or two to take advantage of skinny water fun like that...

And to close, just because, a....

Random Business Trip Fact:

I had sushi for dinner last night.  A Sakura roll and a Yuki roll, and they were pretty damn good.  They would have been better if I hadn't scorched the top of my mouth on the molten innards of a Krab Rangoon appetizer.  Will probably be playing with the remnants of dead skin clinging to the roof of my mouth all day today...

Troutrageous! From The Road

Work travel brings me to Jacksonville, Florida (again) this week.  A full five least it's not freezing here.  Luckily, given the proper inspiration and functional hotel WiFi, blogging from the road isn't such a chore. 
Keeping with the theme of making best use of my hotel stay, I also brought my el cheapo vise and some tying materials to knock out some flies for a fly swap over at Tenkara-Fisher.  If I don't take advantage of some of the down time at night, these things will never get done before the end of the month...

Oh, and should I fall flat and not do any blogging this you nothing to read...and you just feel like something in your life is missing, go check out the Iron Sheik's twitter feed.  Although I wouldn't recommend it as reading for kids.  #teamsheikie
Did you check it out?  Wow...right?

Sandy Hook, CT Fundraiser - Where The Yellowstone Goes

A few weeks ago I reviewed the DVD "Where The Yellowstone Goes."  While not entirely about fly fishing, it's a really interesting movie for folks to watch that enjoy the outdoors and all of the opportunities they provide.

As such, Leigh at also did a review and is holding a contest for the same DVD, but even more exciting...he's received the go ahead from the producer of the DVD that 100% of the proceeds from any sale of the DVD that came from readers of Finfollower would go to the victims of the Sandy Hook, CT tragedy.

So if you're at all interested in watching this movie (& you should be), and are thinking about making the purchase, head over to, read the review, then use the coupon code love when you purchase the DVD HERE (not from me, but the store in the link).

Sound good?  It does to me.

Random Product from the 2013 Cabela's Fishing Catalog

In what is becoming an annual exercise in triviality, I figured with its recent delivery, now is as good a time as ever to play the "Random Product from the Cabela's Fishing Catalog" game.

Want to play at home?  Need a refresher?  Don't give a crap and would rather look at half naked chicks holding fish?  Anyway, here are the rules...  
First you need this book... (Don't have one, get one HERE)

My copy has 295 pages, yours may too unless you were recently in a pinch in the bathroom.  Anyway, using the magic of the internet & to that site and type 295 in the number picker widget and have it choose a this case, my number was 214.
Turn to page 214...
Count the items on the page.  Page 214 has 8 items.  So drop 8 into like voodoo...there's your "Random Product from the Cabela's Fishing Catalog."  (BTW, I got #8).
So what's my product?  None other than what the catalog calls the "Fishing Blackl…

What The Fly Fishing World Needs...

...less waxing poetic about haunting waters & cheap beer.
...and more Nell Carter-esque sass...

We should all take a cue from the worm dunkers at Sufix...Mm'Kay?

Gear Review Post Review?...One Year+ Later

One of my favorite (and most misunderstood) entries that ever graced this trainwreck of a blog was an "initial thoughts" post on a boot bag provided to me by a marketing arm of Fishpond to review.

I just so happened to be paging through my blog killing time at a remodeled Wendy's when I re-read this sucker.  The humor is undoubtedly weak (I happen to know the provider of the product was none too impressed), but the banter in the reader comments make me this day...

Like this gem...

By the way...I think of all the gear I've ever been gifted by manufacturer/marketer type of folks, this item gets the most constant use (& frankly abuse) of them all.  While I wasn't sure the need at the time, after traveling with wading boots several times last year and just generally using it to and from the local waters, I now clearly recognize the value in this item.  Even more so than when I wrote THIS follow up post a few months later.

Don't sleep on…

Seeing Positives Through The Fog

Around last Tuesday or Wednesday the weatherfolks on TV started bragging that the weekend weather was going to be unseasonably warm for January.  Temperatures in the mid 50s they boasted, making one's mind immediately wander toward outdoor pursuits.

What they didn't say was that the weekend was going to also be a pea soup of misty rain, low visibility, and zero sun.  After sitting Saturday out on the bench (secretly hoping Sunday would be better), when I awoke to identical conditions, I decided at least a little fishing had to be done.

With two Valley Creek trips already under my belt this new year, I thought I'd hit up my "not so secret water" to see how the resident native browns were doing in that locale.  I usually never catch great quantity in rain soaked conditions, but the fish I do catch are much larger than normal...I assume the smaller fish are seeking refuge from the swifter currents and not worried about feeding.

In about 3 hours of fishing, I ended u…

Assuming My Google Identity

I made a slight change in my blog last night, one that probably won't be noticed by many.

I converted my Blogger profile to my Google+ profile.  Not sure why I did it...but I did.  As such, you'll notice  posts & comments are no longer authored by troutrageous1, but now assume my actual identity.  A scandalous move that will certainly torpedo my professional career at some point in the future, but whatever....maybe it'll eventually benefit me once they work the final kinks out of the Google Car...

Anyway, in addition to falling in line with Google's Master Plan, in more practical terms I can now link to people or pages that are on Google+ (yeah, that other, other, other, social network that only Apple-haters are on) with a simple click right as I'm writing a blog post.

Like this...

Which then display like this... +Owl Jones or this... +Something's Fishy ...or this +The Functioning Fishaholics.  So that's kinda cool...but also kinda silly, because each …

It's Not Everyday You Get An Email From Someone At PBS...

...yeah that PBS.

While my taste in TV is generally directed more toward hillbillies, bigfeet, and the purchase of abandoned storage lockers, I guess my last post on ice fishing caught the eye of someone in the land of public television.  However, this ain't no Downton Abbey...and as such, I share what they asked me to below...

...and yes, even though I don't ice fish, I want one.

It's Sort Of Like 'Yukon Goes Ice Fishing'...

Yeah, the ice fishing set has found GoPros too...

Coming soon to the IF2T near you... - 15% off Coupon Code

Struck up a conversation via email yesterday with Eric from

What is that site exactly?...well, to quote Eric...
"I took a fly tying class last summer and was intrigued. I went home and tried to find a website that offered quality, free online video instruction and an avenue to buy all of the necessary materials. To my surprise, I couldn't find anything." That probably rings true for a lot of us, especially beginner fly tiers or those of us that often blankly stare overwhelmed at the enormous wall of fly tying feathers, doohickeys, & whatchamacallits.

To help with this, you'll find really well done instructional videos, material kits (for sale) that match the videos, as well as a ton of individual components - vises, scissors, thread, beads, etc...

And if you're still paying attention...for the rest of this month (January), if you use the code troutrageous at checkout, you'll get 15% off your order.  Don't say I never give you anything.

Any Dummy Can Embed Video

It's Friday. I'm not writing a post.
Watch this video called Bleaching I trolled from Vimeo of intense float tube fly action instead.


Drink Like A Fish?

I was in Jacksonville, FL on business yesterday.
The hotel bar had a special on SweetWater 420 Extra Pale Ale.

I may have had a few last night.
I'm coming home today...may even be on the plane North as you read this.
That is my fish-inspired post for today.

First Fish of 2013

Hey...Happy New Year.  Back at work yet?  Yeah, me too....damn it sucks, right?


Yesterday, I figured I'd take my last day of freedom as an opportunity to rid myself of the New Year's skunk.  For the past few years it's been a tradition of sorts to sneak out in the morning catch a fish or two, and then head home to watch bowl games.

The first year I did it was 2010 when I caught a stocked brookie on spinning gear.  In 2011 I caught a tiny wild brown on a tenkara rod.  In 2012 I not only struck out but also felt the wrath of an unexpected downpour.  This year...well...

I was greeted by a little bit of snow left on the ground from our Christmas Eve "storm."

Geared up in the back of the SUV... brought both a tenkara rod and a Cabela's CGR fly rod.  Wasn't sure which I'd use.  The Zimmerbuilt Tenkara Guide Sling pack makes it far too easy to bring multiple rods.

I opted for tenkara.

Fishing was slow...but finally got a MONSTER to take my kebari …