December 31, 2012

Reviewing 2012's Resolutions

I could take you on a trip down memory lane of all that was 2012 at Troutrageous!, but I wrote a post about not writing long year end recaps so I won't.  Quite honestly, I didn't feel like it was a banner year around here anyway, so there's not a great reason to re-live it all.  I wrote one relatively viral entry about holy livestock (that I thought was just going to be a "throwaway" post) and that was pretty much it.

However, for my own self-absorbed reasons, I will look back on the five resolutions I made in the beginning of the year to see how I fared.  The original post is HERE.  Don't worry, I'll be quick...

#1.  The Year of the Brook Trout
Not quite.  I caught some native & stocked brook trout with Owl Jones in the Smokies back in May that started the year off in the right direction, but that was about it.  Not a single brookie afterwards.  Boo.
Grade: C+

Owl with Brookie.  I caught some too, I swear...

#2.  Fish New (or Different) Water
The afforementioned Smoky Mountains in North Carolina, Salt in Islamorada, Florida, Wyoming with RD, Tenkara in Salt Lake City, Utah, a heck of a lot more warmwater than usual, and all capped off with a return trip to Central, NY.  Heck, hardly fished ol' reliable at all.  Big win.
Grade: A

Tenkara Master Dr. Ishigaki...holding a fish I just netted for him  (noticing a trend?)

#3.  Lose A Few More Pounds
Um...let's move on...
Grade: F(at)

My soundtrack for the year

#4.  Get This Crappy Blog (Just A Little) More Organized
Put together the advertising rate card & surpassed the social media milestones...the rest, not so much.
Grade: C-

Troutrageous!:  Behind the Scenes

#5. Give Back
Ugh, don't go there...
Grade: F

I've got nothing instead I present Psy....everybody loved Psy in 2012.

With that, let's put 2012 in the rear view...and bring on 2013.


  1. Amen. Like you, I'm ready for the new year. PS - your trip here was in my top 2 for 2012 highlights. The other involved BBQ I think. :)

  2. While I didn't have any resolutions for 2012, I am glad I got to meet you this past summer, and I am glad that some of the new water you fished were my home waters.
    Here's to 2013! Where ever it may take us, on bigger life journey or on our fishing one.
    Oh and please don't quarantine my blog ever!

  3. You should make res #1 a priority for 2013....and keep it.
    Happy New Year

  4. Wow a Fat Boys reference. Gotta love that. Makes me want to get out a ghetto blaster play some Afrika Bambaataa and breakdance.

  5. What can I say that hasn't already been said? You nailed it! Bullseye! Funny! (Ir)relevant! Have a great year T!

  6. Thanks for reminding me to make my resolutions..... and not making losing 30 lbs. one of them.

  7. Oppan Gangnam Style. It's a new year. Come north and go fishing. Cheers my friend.

  8. Well, I am glad that going to the empty rectangle state was one of the highlights! Ha. I really don't think that anyone will care if you were disorganized or that you ate too much pizza. You had a pretty good year none the less!

  9. Now if I could just get you to come up here to do some wet wading for smallies and such in the swatara,would be a pleasant suprise ;-).