November 7, 2012

Guest Post - What’s for Dinner? Serving your Catch of the Day While on Vacation

There was an election or something last night.  That meant watching election coverage on TV and the live streaming of people celebrating and bitching on Facebook & Twitter all evening.  Who had time to write a post?  Not me.  So I pulled out a guest post I had in reserve...

Going on vacation?  Going fishing?  Always hungry?  This post from David Bryce is for you.  Enjoy.


What’s for Dinner? Serving your Catch of the Day While on Vacation

Many years ago, my wife and I traveled to Hawaii. This vacation/business event was rewarded to a select few of us who reached our year-end-sales quota. My company’s “President’s Club” was a fun-filled, all inclusive week of activities and excursions.

Being from landlocked Missouri, I was thrilled to travel somewhere balmy, a tropical destination in the middle of the great Pacific. I needed a break from all the rigmarole back home and was craving balmy breezes, the crash of the surf and pleasantly plunging my work-laden toes into some wet sand.

I passed on the 4 am mountain bike ride down Maui’s Haleakala Volcano, and though my wife tried to convince me to go, I told her it sounded kind of silly and a bit foolish to waste extra time on land. I had ocean plans; swimming and then drying off on the beach, preferably with a cold drink in my hand. Of course, my wife laughed later that afternoon when she returned from the bike ride and spotted me struggling just beyond the wave break, a boogie board string wrapped around my neck and a sea turtle’s beak latched on my board. After I finally managed to get to the shore, she asked me, “So, how’s that water?” The good news is I still enjoy boogie boarding; I just choose to swim in a little shallower surf now.

In keeping with my proximity to the beach and other seaside interests, we planned a deep sea fishing venture, bright and early the next morning. We signed up to go with another couple from our group and headed out towards the rising sun. We finally got our break, though it wasn’t on my line, my co-worker got a bite and we spotted its tell-tale silvery scales as they breached the blue waters; a Mahi Mahi. After a good twenty minutes of fighting, he finally reeled it in and we were pleased that it weighed in at a good twenty pounds. 

The crew put the fish on ice and when we docked my buddy took it with him to see if one of the local restaurants would cook it for dinner. As luck would have it, a chef from one of the nearby hotel restaurants agreed to serve it. We thoroughly enjoyed our meal and the next time you are on vacation, I would recommend that you too, take advantage of some of the local fare by catching it yourself.

Here’s a look at a few seaside spots where you too, can bring back the catch of the day for yourself:

Seychelles: It’s not easy to get to, but definitely worth the time and effort. Even better? One of the best tasting seafood can be found here; namely Black Marlin. Served grilled, it maintains its firmer flesh and also has a sweeter taste than other ocean faring fish like swordfish.

Gulf Coast: A little closer destination and was not disappointed when I pulled in a great big Red Snapper. What could be better than a day on the gulf? Dinner! Filleted and drizzled with white wine, butter and a splash of lemon.

Alaska: It’s a different kind of beautiful, replace those swaying palms with evergreens and those heady tropical breezes with brisker northwestern gusts and you’ve got a great place to get some of the finest tasting fish in the world; Chinook Salmon. No matter how it’s prepared it is sure to please with its unique rich and savory taste; smoked, filleted, steaks or even prepared as sashimi it is a highly sought after delicacy.

A vacation is fun to get away from the stresses of everyday work and routine, to take advantage of the local fare. If you can plan an excursion that includes fishing, then you can not only enhance your trip, but bring home dinner as well. Your wife might complain about all that time spent at sea, but she’ll thank you for the meal later.


About The Author:
David Bryce is travel writer who enjoys writing about travel and family vacations. He currently blogs for Thousand Hills Resort in Branson, MO.

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