October 22, 2012

The Week Ahead

No fishing this past weekend...but no biggie.  Spent Saturday morning sleeping off some jetlag as most of last week I was on the West Coast on business.  Not Troutrageous! business (I wish), rather business that actually lends itself to paying my bills.

Carl Banks was at dinner on Wednesday; how can I make that up?

As for this week, the weatherman is saying there's going to be some really nice Fall weather headed our way...pretty much a week of relative sun and seventies.  Really can't ask for anything more than that...except maybe a few vacation days to coincide with it.  That probably isn't gonna happen, but maybe an early escape on Friday is something to look forward to.

Speaking of looking forward to...here's what you have to look forward to this week on Troutrageous!  Yeah, I'm going to write more than a token Monday post this week.  (Lists usually keep me honest, so figured this would be some good motivation).

Tenkara Tuesday - Yeah, it'll be back, with some recent observations that really nobody cares about.

Wednesday Nibbles - Why not?  Although I'm sure you've seen THIS by now.

Thursday - No catchy name, but there will be a post.  It'll probably be a letdown.

Friday - Freebird.  Ok, not really, but wouldn't it be most excellent if I could work Skynyrd into a fly fishing post without taking the easy way out and making a Low & Clear reference?

Neither Low nor Clear

As for the weekend...well, I guess all bets are off...

So that's a post about nothing for today.  I actually hope you're out fishing and not reading this.  If you're not on the water somewhere, I at least hope you're spending enough time at work looking at fishing websites...you know...in between finishing your TPS reports.

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