October 24, 2012

Wednesday Nibbles - The Insert iPad Mini in Post Title to Get Search Results Edition

Hey, welcome back to Wednesday Nibbles.

Figured if I was going to break down and write a week of posts, it would only make sense to include this semi-regular segment.  I know, I know, it doesn't have the allure it used to...but let's give it a go anyway...oblige me.

First off comes some gear.  Well, not exactly gear but a t-shirt.  No, not a T! Shirt, I said a t-shirt, duh.  Well actually two t-shirts.  The first one is a collaboration tee from Allen Fly Fishing and artist Jake Keeler.  Allen's put out some very cool tees to date in their "artist series" and Rainbows In the Dark is no exception.  Only $19.99.  Pretty sweet.  Jake the artist also has a blog, found HERE.

Oh, the second shirt?  Well blog buddy Ben from Arizona Wanderings is having a bit of a sale on his Arizona-centric tees to celebrate his blog's birthday.  Check out his blog HERE to pick one up for only $10 or $12 (depending on design), or click these links HERE to see yours truly awkwardly modeling one.

What's next...ummm...did you hear about the Bigfoot sighting in Pennsylvania?  Yeah, no surprise, I mean we all know he's out there.  The ol' Squatch evidently was sighted molesting some dude's crappy camper.

There's no reason to doubt the guy above, right?  Watch the video for yourself.  If nothing else, his Bigfoot calls are extremely authentic....I guess....ummmm....  Oh, and evidently female Bigfeet are "top heavy," I hope Moldy Chum has made note of this.

You've proabably heard by now that Apple is unleashing a smaller iPad called (duh) the iPad Mini on the world.  Yeah, it's a bit smaller, and Android fans everywhere are laughing...but you know legions of people will line up to get one.  Makes me wonder what you could shrink in fly fishing that people would still want to buy.  Sub size 20 flies are a reality.    The Unaccomplished Angler evidently already comes in fun size.  I'm not even going to talk about tanago for fear of riling up the tenkaraians.

Apple iPad Mini Small

Personally, I vote Spey Rod Mini.  Get on that manufacturers.  Not a switch rod, not a fishing rod pen, legit mini-Spey.  I wanna take Spey to small streams ASAP.*

*Honestly, I have no comprehension or understanding whatsoever of Spey rods or casting.  All the cool fishing kids say it's rad and I want to be cool like them.

Yeah, everyone's favorite Fly Fishing guide Hank Patterson put out a new video this week... but more importantly have you seen this?

Close call...or good editing, interestingly enough, somebody posted this "video reply" of Russian idiots dropping live grenades off the side of their boat.  Like what did they think was going to happen?  That said, might be interesting to see some drift boat jockeys emulate their antics.

To close, some blog love.  Well, actually love for Wally the Wonderdog.

I don't plug The Subterranean Trout here all that often, but THIS POST is a very worthwhile read.  Judging by the comments, most of you appear to have already read it, but for the few of you that might have been internetless for the past few days, or heck, anybody who's ever befriended a dog (I miss you Caesar), check it out.  It'll warm the heart of anyone.  Well put TC, and godspeed Wally.


  1. I'm saving my money for an iPad-nano

    1. They don't have those in China already?

    2. No, but I can get you a good deal on iPed-minis

  2. I`m very disappointed with ipad mini, its waste of money.


    1. Definitely not the same value per $ that a Jerzees t-shirt provides...

  3. OK, the Geezer here. No I-Pad, I-Pad Mini, I-Phone, Smart Phone, I-Pod, Kindle, Kindle Fire, Kindle Fire HD, or Nook. I am technologically blacked out. Can't see wasting the money when they just update them 4 months later and Bang, out goes another $400 or so.

  4. I already have the one and only T!Shirt... now, it's time to get the t-shirt from the "artist series"... love that one too. Nice vids...less of Hal and more of Bigfoot.

  5. Glad to know the Dudeist is still alive. Not so sure about FR.