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The Bonus Fish

Made a quick run to Valley Creek on Saturday morning.  In case you hadn't heard, Hurricane Sandy is supposed to be hitting the area (possibly as you're reading this) and I felt a hastily cobbled together fishing outing was necessary before the floods of biblical proportions swallowed the land.

A short recap.  It was a pretty gray morning, but not necessarily cold.  I found the fishing to be slow, or more accurately, I found the hooking to be slow.  I fished dries, and landed three.  The biggest was around 9 inches.  I probably missed 8 or 10 trout that quickly rose and swiped at my offering, but totally ignored the hook.  Oh well, that's how it goes some times.

Enter the "bonus fish"...

You know, that fish you don't even realize is on your line until you're reeling in or flicking back your rod for another cast.  This tiny, tiny fish earned that honor.  Didn't even feel the take.  Lucky for him I was reeling in to move to another spot and not starting …

The Skynyrd Spitter

In my Monday post I mentioned I'd try to insert a Lynyrd Skynyrd reference into my Friday fishing post.  Well, it's Friday...and also a week after the 35th anniversary of the plane carrying the original version of the band went down over Mississippi.  This is the best I could do.

Enter the Skynyrd Spitter....

Found the pics on eBay.  Auction's sorry.

Enjoy your weekend.  If Hurricane Sandy is headed your way, be safe.

Hell Hath No Fury Like A Fly Rod Scorned

"Why do you keep ignoring me?'

"You know I'm really, really lonely..."

"You don't even listen to me anymore!"

Oh, sorry.
"You work too much."

I know, but it's that time of year.
"You didn't even bring me anything back from San Francisco..."

Sorry, my bad.
"Are you seeing someone else?"

Umm...uh, no.
...AND YOU...

"What's the b*tch's name?!?"
"Is she prettier than me?"

Your crazy, I'm just really busy.
"Oh honey,
I'm sorr...
you know this is all YOUR  fault."

I know...I know... (it always is....)

After a little quarrel with my fly rod, we're scheduling some private time together this weekend. Nothing's better than "make up" fishing.

Wednesday Nibbles - The Insert iPad Mini in Post Title to Get Search Results Edition

Hey, welcome back to Wednesday Nibbles.

Figured if I was going to break down and write a week of posts, it would only make sense to include this semi-regular segment.  I know, I know, it doesn't have the allure it used to...but let's give it a go anyway...oblige me.

First off comes some gear.  Well, not exactly gear but a t-shirt.  No, not a T! Shirt, I said a t-shirt, duh.  Well actually two t-shirts.  The first one is a collaboration tee from Allen Fly Fishing and artist Jake Keeler.  Allen's put out some very cool tees to date in their "artist series" and Rainbows In the Dark is no exception.  Only $19.99.  Pretty sweet.  Jake the artist also has a blog, found HERE.

Oh, the second shirt?  Well blog buddy Ben from Arizona Wanderings is having a bit of a sale on his Arizona-centric tees to celebrate his blog's birthday.  Check out his blog HERE to pick one up for only $10 or $12 (depending on design), or click these links HERE to see yours truly awkwardly m…

Tenkara Tuesday - Three Years & Counting

Welcome to Tenkara Tuesday.

The month of October marks my tenkara anniversary.  Yes, it's been 3 years since I grabbed that funny little pole in my hand, pulled on it a little bit to make it bigger...and ohhhh...get your mind out of the gutter.
Seriously, my first tenkara outing (& fish) was in October 2009.  I even wrote a post about it, whod'a thunk?  I'm actually up to 119 tenkara posts (120 if you count this one) on the blog...which is more than many blogs of any fishing topic have written period.  I find that both compelling...and honestly, scary.

It's been a pretty interesting journey over these three years...and I'll tell you what, it's had some interestingly positive side-effects on my "regular" fly fishing.  Allow me to explain.
1)  Toting 11 & 12 foot rods around Pennsylvania creeks & streams will make you very aware of every stray branch, area of high get the point...within your immediate area.  When I pick up my sub…

The Week Ahead

No fishing this past weekend...but no biggie.  Spent Saturday morning sleeping off some jetlag as most of last week I was on the West Coast on business.  Not Troutrageous! business (I wish), rather business that actually lends itself to paying my bills.

As for this week, the weatherman is saying there's going to be some really nice Fall weather headed our way...pretty much a week of relative sun and seventies.  Really can't ask for anything more than that...except maybe a few vacation days to coincide with it.  That probably isn't gonna happen, but maybe an early escape on Friday is something to look forward to.

Speaking of looking forward's what you have to look forward to this week on Troutrageous!  Yeah, I'm going to write more than a token Monday post this week.  (Lists usually keep me honest, so figured this would be some good motivation).

Tenkara Tuesday - Yeah, it'll be back, with some recent observations that really nobody cares about.


TroutHunter Must Pay Well

I ran out of 6X tippet on Friday.

I've always been a Rio Powerflex guy.  Sure, I've tried other brands, but I always tend to come back to Powerflex, which in my opinion provides a great balance between performance and affordability.

However, possessing an uncontrollable wandering eye when it comes to new gear, I tossed the following question out on Facebook last night,

"Need to replenish my 6X tippet supply. Usually a RIO PRODUCTS Powerflex guy. Thinking of trying a new flavor, any suggestions?"
Will be honest, wasn't expecting the overwhelming support for TroutHunter tippet.

Click HERE to read all comments.

A few other surprise brands were mentioned as well...Stroft & Varivas to name two.

So....what type of tippet do you use/recommend?  
...and to take it a step further, does it even really matter?  
Feel free to comment below.  I find informal surveys like this far more interesting than I it could make for good conversation.

The Beauty of a Three Day Weekend

Yesterday was too nice a day to go to work.  Or at least that's what I told myself as I slept in well past my alarm clock's wishes.  It was a premeditated act of hooky, as I recently reviewed how many vacation days I had still not taken this year.  In a "use them or lose them" scenario, a crisp Fall afternoon of fishing seemed to be more than deserved.

With no grand plans other than leaving the work-provided iPhone in the car, I headed back to the "not so secret" stream that I wrote about fishing for the first time a few weeks ago.  Small water and small fish, but very, very eager (and wild) small fish.  Seemed like the perfect refuge from the stresses of the office and an alternative to the more popular local creeks that got their seasonal stockings of pellet-fed transplants about a week ago.

I'm finding this creek to be great dry fly water, and as such was the primary item on the menu.  While the trout were not quite as cooperative as they were on tha…

Everything Old Is New Again

Popular culture dictates that fashion is cyclical and most fads only go into hibernation to reappear at a later date.  Clothing, music, television, movies, it doesn't a quick view of what's "in" today and you'll get a heavy dose of the 1980s & 90s.  Heck, I saw folks from Beverly Hills 90210 in an Old Navy commerical the other day...uhh...not...that...ummm...I ever watched...that show...or uhhhh...tight rolled my...uhhh...jeans....

Fly fishing isn't immune to this phenomenon.  Rod makers are making brand new rods behave like old ones, there's a renaissance of older rod building materials (thanks Cam), PBR & trucker hats are everywhere, heck, even my beloved tenkara can be viewed as a "throwback" of sorts.
So what's the next fishing trend for 2013?  Clearly, Goat hats...

Hey Orvis, either get on board or get left behind.
Remember, you heard it here first.

Tenkara Tuesday - Tenkara: The Video Game

Welcome to Tenkara Tuesday.
I recently stumbled across the details of a new tenkara video game evidently in production for release just in time for the Holidays.  Using streamlined, simplistic graphics, Tenkara: The Video Game, seems like the perfect alternative to the expensive, high definition, high resolution gaming of today.
From the game's developer: "Choose between characters Level Line Louie & Furled Line Freddy and compete in fast paced, reel-less angling action.  Score extra points and unlock secret bonus items like the magic tamo by using the least amount of kebari possible....but be careful not to drag free drift too close to the shark...or your 5X tippet will be history!"

Tenkara: The Video Game is rated EEPTITRARTR, appropriate for"everyone except people that insist tanago rods are really tenkara rods" and will be available on XBox Kinect, Playstation Move, Nintendo Wii as well as in the Apple App & Google Play stores this Fall.


There's No Debate...

I haven't been doing much blogging or fishing lately, but I did watch the large majority of the first Presidential Debate on Wednesday night.

I don't really talk politics here much, and I'm not really going to today.  People tend to freak out when you do (but please feel free in the comments at the end of this post).  As you probably know, the consensus is that Mitt Romney came off better on TV, but a lot of what of what he said might be classified as fiction.  Oh, and President Obama missed the mark by not bringing up the 47%.  Whatever.
I do know that there's one thing that is not up for debate.  Mitt Romney's hair is show-stopping glorious.  So amazing...everybody wants to be a Romney boy.