Feeding Time At The Local Zoo

I came home from work last night to see the neighborhood boys freaking out in our shared backyard (my family lives in a townhome community).  Wondering what the commotion was I walked over to witness this scene from Mutual of Omaha's Wild Kingdom.  (BTW, is there a more recent reference I can make in that regard? I struggled to find one):

Yeah, this pterodactyl was boldly standing in the middle of the lawn tearing apart a squirrel.  Hope the bastard enjoyed his meal, because he left the carcass behind without leaving a tip.  Guess I'm the busboy...


  1. That's a massive boldy! We saw them every so often when floating Yellowstone River. Along with ospreys and herons, oftentimes they are flying with fish in their claws. That makes us think who's a better fisher......

  2. Looks like an immature Red-tail... he hasn't learned to clean up after himself. I'm sure when he reaches maturity and finds a mate, she'll set him straight.

  3. The cleanup usually goes to the guy with the strongest stomach.

  4. Save the tail! I need some squirrel tail.

  5. That's actually pretty cool, other than you having to clean up after it. You could make a squirrel skin cap (Davy Crockett style) for one of your daughters dolls, lol.

  6. Man, just a couple of hours ago the Swainson's hawk that hangs out in our large cottonwood in the backyard left a chicken carcass for me to clean up....so I can relate. Talk about a stench. I almost puked.

    At least you got photos...

  7. Ha Howard! Spoken like a true tying addict.

    Great shot but sorry you got left with a mess. I've been staying at my parent's farm since I've been laid up from surgery. My two beagles love it because they get to run like crazy when we're here. Unfortunately, in the past week they've killed 3 baby squirrels. My dad had to go out and get the carcasses away from them; the only time I've been glad I'm on crutches!

  8. I don't have a strong enough stomach for this cleanup... Nastiness!

  9. Nice Red Tail. she would have made a great falconry bird.


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