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Sneaking In Some Fishing Before Football

I had some errands to run on Sunday morning.  Okay, it was one errand.  I needed to get food, and by that I mean go to the supermarket.  K.C. & Lilly were over at "Uncle Andy's," (K.C.'s brother/Lilly's uncle) and after I exhausted the last jar of peanut butter for breakfast, we truly had nothing left to eat in the house.  Well, except a box of Uncle Ben's and some couscous.  What the hell is couscous anyway?  I wasn't eating either for lunch.
So after a grocery outing, I came home, ate, and parked it in front of the TV for a little bit of football.  The early game (Jets vs. Dolphins) was pretty much unwatchable, so around 2:30 PM I decided to sneak an hour or two of fishing at the local pond in before the Eagles game started a little after 4:00.
Cabela's C.G.R. in hand, the sunfish had no chance.  They were absolutely killing Kiwi's Royal after fish...after fish.  What?  Yeah, I used a tenkara fly with a "standard" fly…

Feeding Time At The Local Zoo

I came home from work last night to see the neighborhood boys freaking out in our shared backyard (my family lives in a townhome community).  Wondering what the commotion was I walked over to witness this scene from Mutual of Omaha's Wild Kingdom.  (BTW, is there a more recent reference I can make in that regard? I struggled to find one):

Yeah, this pterodactyl was boldly standing in the middle of the lawn tearing apart a squirrel.  Hope the bastard enjoyed his meal, because he left the carcass behind without leaving a tip.  Guess I'm the busboy...

Most Likely The Coolest Job Opportunity You'll See Today

Courtesy of L.L. Bean:

What's the Bootmobile you might ask?

In the immortal words of Doughboy..."Domino Motherf#ckers."

Uncharted Water

On Saturday I was presented with a unique set of circumstances.   No wife, no kid, no dog, and nothing to do.  While I always miss the family when they're not around, it's a time like this that let you sit in your living room, watch college football, eat Taco Bell, of course while in your underwear...without the least bit of guilt.
So did I do that?  Well, some of it, but somewhat regretfully not all.  Instead, I took the opportunity to go out and try to fish a little run of water I've always been curious about, but never explored.  It's not exactly secret water (it runs through State Game Lands and then later through people's backyards), so I figured "why not"...

Rumor was there were wild trout in this little water.  Rumor didn't lie.  This section of water is actually a bit upstream from a far more open and popular fishing area that's been maintained by the local Trout Unlimited chapter.  The fishing up here is a bit more cramped & tricky, a…

Out Of Hiding

Man, I haven't written anything for something like 10 days.  Probably the longest hiatus this blog's seen in some time.  Haven't read any other fishing blogs either.  Yeah, I'm the reason for your recent dip in site traffic...sorry.  About the only exposure to fishing I've had was scrolling through my Facebook news feed at the random stuff people have been posting.

Like this...

Or this...

And this...

It's been nice to follow along passively from a distance.
You all never cease to amaze.

That said, gonna take my CGR and a bushel of tenkara rods and go find some water this weekend.
We'll see what that brings...

Tenkara Tuesday - The Commoditization of Tenkara

Welcome to Tenkara Tuesday.

Is tenkara approaching the line of becoming a commodity?

A commodity?  What do I mean you might ask?  I'm not really talking about tenkara being accepted by the fly fishing masses...we've got a long way to go on that front.  What I'm really talking about is the recent growth spurt of tenkara gear, specifically tenkara rods.

In the beginning (a long 3 years ago) there was one source to easily get tenkara rods in the United States.  One might say this company even created the domestic market.  People were happy with these rods for a while, and a large majority still are, but after a little time two additional paths diverged from that main road.

The first were people that looked to Japan, the home of tenkara, to import rods (be it for personal use or re-sale) in an interest to get what they perceived to be "superior equipment" or to simply gain context on what makes a good tenkara rod.  I mean who knows what makes a good rod if you'…

Huzzah for BBQ Burgers, Bass, & Child Punishment

On paper, Saturday was going to be quite the mission.  Fishing, bookended by pure gluttony.

The plan was to take the hour and change hike out to Lebanon, PA...we were going to hit a Hardee's for lunch - to eat the Memphis BBQ Thickburger - as that's seriously the closest Hardee's to where I live.  We like food, so we do stuff like that.  

After that, my wife was going to drop me off over at Spurky's know, my occasional fishing buddy Spurky...and we'd fish while she and Lilly spent the next 4 hours or so going to fabric stores and other crap that I have no interest in.  
To cap it off, she'd pick me up afterwards and we'd eat dinner at Golden Corral.  Lilly has a fascination for "chocolate fountains" right now...I'm not sure why...and while I doubt the hygiene involved there, you only live once.  Germs are good to build a kid's immune system, right?  Also, much like Hardee's, the closest one happens to be in the Lebanon…