August 29, 2012

Wednesday Nibbles - The Non Tenkara Edition

Before I begin, I need to apologize for all of the tenkara posts lately.  For better or worse it's what I do probably 70% of the time I go fishing these days, so it also fuels a lot of the inspiration for the posts around here, no matter how silly a method of fishing it appears.  It's probably fitting that I fish with an obscure type of fishing rod, that way I have an excuse when I don't catch fish.

Anyway, with that out of the way, it's Wednesday, so let's do the Nibbles.

Just to temporarily remove the smell of tenkara from my hands, here's a pic of the CLS reel, the "Best Freshwater Reel" at the recent IFTD Show out in Reno.  It's a cassette reel from Hardy, who, well, I've always had a total gearcrush on.  It's also a back to back win for them after they won the same award in 2011 for their Ultralight DD reel.

I've always dug Hardy's design aesthetic, from classic to modern, even though my wallet protests a purchase.  I should really give in someday and just pay the $$$ and do it up right.  Heck, their North American HQ is only about an hour drive from my house, maybe I can just go beg at the doorstep.  Perhaps when they make a tenkara rod...just kidding...or am I?

You may have already hear this story, but in case you didn't, here you go.  Evidently some clown got run over by a car driven by teenage girls.  Why a clown?  Because the guy was evidently dressed up in a Ghillie suit and running around a road trying to create a false Bigfoot Sighting.  I know a person died in this little stunt, but that's just stupid.  Everybody knows you just need to hit a tree trunk with a stick and a real Bigfoot will appear...duh!  I was just relieved it wasn't Adam from This River Is Wild.

Actually, I had several people send this story to me via Twitter earlier in the week, heck, even one asking about MY safety.  My fondness for all things 'Squatch must not be much of a secret anymore, huh...?

Speaking of Twitter, do you have a Twitter account?  Have you harassed Jimmy Kimmel today?  You know, the comedian and late night talk show host...  If you answered yes to the first question and no to the second, please reconsider on behalf of everyone's favorite animated piece of fishing tackle.

Yeah, the latest tactic by Olive's creator Kirk Werner is evidently to stalk celebs on Twitter and send promotional messages to them based on their innocuous tweets regarding technology.  Actually, it's not as creepy as I just made it sound, it's actually kind of fun.

It's much easier just to read about it over at the Olive blog, so go there by clicking HERE, and then get to copy and pasting and harassing Jimmy Kimmel.  It only takes a few minutes...or an hour if you do it over and over and over again...

The wife & I have planned a mission for the weekend.  I have to take her to the fabric store...and a winery...and then I get this...

...well I get the burger.  Maybe two.  That's right, beef, pulled pork, and onion rings...with cheese and barbecue sauce.  We're driving almost an hour away from home to git 'r dun...because they don't have Carl's Jr. or Hardee's near us.  Yes, I'll do anything for science.

To close, time for some blog love.  I'll be totally honest, I haven't been reading a lot of blogs lately.  I click on a few of my longtime favorites and then maybe one or two that migrate toward the top of my blogroll after they publish a new post, but on the whole, I haven't been seeking out new reading material like I used to.

That said, I've somewhat recently added High On The Fly to my blogroll.  It's not a blog that writes terribly long posts, but to be honest, it's pretty much tuned to the length my current attention span.  A couple paragraphs, a picture or two, and done.  Check out Jeff's blog some love when you have a free minute and see what I mean.  I think you'll like it.


  1. A Ghillie suit? That's going overboard. I guess you could fish while you're waiting to snipe a terrorist.

    1. Hey gotta do what you gotta do to get the edge I guess.

  2. Evidently some of your friends thought you were stupid enough that they had to ask if you were ok. That's real love! I on the other hand know you are not stupid enough to pull a stunt like this...are you?

  3. I just saw the Carl's Jr ad this morning for the first time and low and behold it pops up on Troutrageous!. The timing is eerie.


    1. That is one wonderful commercial Mark. I find myself watching it over and over.