August 27, 2012


No real post out of me today.  I tried to go fishing yesterday, but felt the wrath of the skunk.  So no fish, no post.  I'm not going to give you that, "oh, it was just great to get out" crap.

Random picture of dude using trained birds to fish

I probably shouldn't have really tried, it was deceivingly warm and the water at Valley was really, really low. I was actually going to go to the Perkiomen Creek and pick on panfish and smallmouth, but for some reason I wanted trout.  It's a sickness.  Oh well...

So with that, I figured I'd set the table for the rest of the week.  I actually have a few posts planned for a change, here's what to look forward to:

Tomorrow:  Tenkara Tuesday - Gear Review of Esoteric Tackle 12' Tenkara Rod
Wednesday:  Wednesday Nibbles
Thursday:  Gear Review - Light Load Towels...and yes Beavis, there will be fire.
Friday:  Something TBD.  Not really top secret, just TBD.

Okay, so in the words of Fontinalis Rising, "Let's Get After It."


  1. I feel your pain....I drove an hour and a half for some trout just north of NYC and wound up with two small browns...both of which were LDR's. Instead I could have driven three minutes for a sh@t-ton of bluegill or snappers (bluefish). Oh well, it was nice just to be least that is what I keep telling myself

    1. Kiwi, no one goes to enjoy the scenery. It's all about the fish.